917 – The Marine on a tank

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Wounded Marines including Alvin Bert Grantham ride on top of converted tank used as a make-shift ambulance during The Battle of Hue, Vietnam, 1968. By John Olson/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images.

A new book titled: Huế 1968 has been added to the recommended reading list of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast. It was recently released by Mark Bowden. He is an American writer and author thirteen books. They include:

In his spare time he has been The Distinguished Writer in Residence at The University of Delaware since 2013. He is a contributing editor at Vanity Fair and also a National Correspondent for The Atlantic.

In this episode, an excerpt from his new book, Huế 1968, about the Tet Offensive which took place in Vietnam during the month of February,1968 is featured. It described the tortured experiences of Alvin Bert Grantham, an eighteen year old Marine from Mobile, Alabama.

The story picks up where Grantham was a machine gunner with Charlie Company, 1st Battalion of the 5th Marine Regiment based in Huế. On the night of January 31, 1968, Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army troops began pouring into the city and a bloody 25 day battle began with a bang. The fighting was hand to hand and room by room as the Marines fought to clear the three-square-mile ancient citadel that was the former imperial capital of Nguyen Dynasty. It was built in 1362, and it took 203 years to complete.

One day in the battle the four other members of Grantham’s machine gun crew were knocked out. Despite this he kept pouring heavy fire on the enemy until he took a bullet to the chest. His struggle to survive a life threatening wound is described in an award winning fashion by the writer, Bowden.

 Huế 196 should be read by all who want to get a true picture of the Vietnam War and the brave Marines who fought in that war.




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