921 – Vietnam Vet Carey Owen honored at Auburn, Alabama

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On Monday, retired U.S. Army medic and Vietnam War veteran Carey Owen will be recognized as this year’s Distinguished Veteran at the annual Mayor’s Memorial Day Breakfast. (Don’t know which is Carey but they both look good.)

In this episode number 921 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast the story of Carey Owen will be featured. He is a Vietnam Veteran from Auburn, Alabama who is being honored at the annual Mayor’s Memorial Day Breakfast at Auburn. The story comes from The Auburn Villager, Auburn, Alabama and is titled: Army medic to be honored for service during Vietnam War. It was submitted by Allison Blankenship Associate Editor.

Owen is another one of those brave and outstanding Vietnam Veterans who served their country well in Vietnam and came home to continue service as civilians back home. He was drafted in 1968 at the age of 20 in his home town of Alexander City, about thirty miles northwest of Auburn.

He was sent to Vietnam as a combat medic and assigned to the 506th Infantry with the 101st Airborne Division.  Owen said this about his call to arms: “When it was my turn, it was my turn, and I felt like I needed to serve just like they did.” His father and grandfather had served in the military before him.

Owen was thrust into many dangerous and life threatening actions with the 101st. For his brave service he was awarded a Silver Star for saving a wounded lieutenant during the battle at Hamburger Hill. He and the lieutenant, Terrence Smith still to this day keep in touch with each other.

He left the Army in March 1970 and went off the college down the road at Auburn. He earned a degree in sociology with a minor in management from AU. He went on to become CEO of East Alabama Medical Center-Lanier.

In 2014, Owen was awarded the 506th Infantry Distinguished Member of the Regiment award. He said he believes it’s important to share what serving is like from a veteran’s perspective. In retirement he devotes much of his time to share his military memories with students at Auburn City Schools and Auburn University.

Go to episode 921 at the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast to hear about how this Vietnam Veteran will be honored on Memorial Day, 2017.

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