933 – Mountain bike champion Rebecca Rusch goes after father’s crash site in Laos

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Mountain bike champion Rebecca Rusch

In this episode number 933 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast the issue of lost loved ones will be covered. Air Force Captain Stephen Rusch was an F-4 pilot in Vietnam and he was shot down over Laos in mid 1971. His remains lay undiscovered until 2007. He had three daughters when he died. Rebecca, the youngest recently did something so notable, the beverage company, Red Bull made a documentary movies of the project.

Rebecca is a mountain bike champion. She had ridden in Southeast Asia in the past but when he fathers remains were discovered she decided to undertake a bike ride down the entire 1200 mile length of the Ho Chi Minh Trail with the intention of visiting her father’s crash site along the way. The Red Bull movie is titled Blood Road. Two stories about the movie will be highlighted in this episode.

They are ‘Blood Road’ Deals With Grief on Ho Chi Minh Trail from the Red Bull website and ‘Blood Road’ is a mountain bike excursion along the Ho Chi Minh Trail from the Grind TV website and was submitted by Robert Pursell.

Rebecca’s trip down the Trail was definitely a “grind.”  She traveled with Vietnamese competitive biking champion Huyen Nguyen to assist her in meeting the challenges of negotiating through the dense jungles of Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. Much of the Trail has not been used for many years and this made it even more difficult because many times the team had to hack their way through jungles and make their way across streams and rivers with no bridges.

The Team completed the trip and visited the crash site despite encountering such  hazards as bad water, snakes, wild animals and aggressive insects the peril of unexploded ordnance from the war are killing people to this day. The fact that people of the region are still dying from bombs from the Vietnam War caused Rebecca to become a proponent and supporter of the Mines Advisory Group.

CLICK HERE for more information about the movie Blood Road.

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