934 – 10,000 visitors see Vietnam Memorial Wall in Swoyersville

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Jack Cleary touches the name of a friend that disappeared in Vietnam Carl Lamerson, at the Healing Wall in Swoyersville. Aimee Dilger, Times Leader

In this episode number 934 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast an amazing event that recently took place in Swoyersville, Pennsylvania will be featured. It was covered by a story in The Citizens’ Voice of Wilkes-Barre titled: 10,000 visit Wall that Heals. It was submitted by staff writer Sarah Scinto.

The Wall that Heals, a traveling replica of the Vietnam War Memorial, recently made a four day visit to Swoyersville. Tim Tate, director of outreach for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund said about 10,000 people came to see the wall over the course of the weekend it spent in Swoyersville. This is notable because the population of Swoyersville is only 5,000.

The event in that Pennsylvania town is representative of a wave of appreciation and recognition for Vietnam Veterans that is sweeping the country. A new day is dawning for this nation where it is beginning to see its Vietnam Veterans as the true heroes they really are. Our nation is also beginning to see and appreciate fully what the Vietnam Veteran Generation has given to its country and that those veterans can never be fully be repaid for their service to their country in that challenging War and how they were treated when they came home.

Robert Chase of Bowman’s Creek, a Vietnam veteran who visited the wall said: “It’s a lot different from when I came home.” Chase was looking for the name of the medic who had stitched up one of Chase’s fingers just weeks before he was killed. “Right after he took the stitches out he was riding in a jeep and ran into an anti-tank mine,” Chase said.

It is recommended that the next time one of the Vietnam Memorial Wall replicas come to a town nearby you make it a priority to visit the Wall and pay your respects to the 58,315 Americans who gave their lives for their country in Vietnam.

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