937 – Irish Vietnam Vet to receive CMoH

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Former Army medic James McCloughan kneels next to a statue presented to him by a fellow soldier in South Haven, Mich. on June 9, 2017.(Photo: Carlos Osorio, AP)


The Vietnam Veteran News Podcast is happy to announce another brave Vietnam Veteran will receive the Congressional Medal of Honor. In episode 937 the story about James McCloughan, a 71-year-old resident of South Haven, Michigan receiving the award at the White House on July 31 will be covered. The announcement of the award appeared in several publications including The Army Times, The Irish Times website and The Detroit Free Press. The Detroit Free Press story titled: Michigan Vietnam vet to receive Medal of Honor from Trump that was submitted by: Todd Spangler of the Detroit Free Press will be featured on the podcast.

There are several noteworthy aspects surrounding this event. First, it is about fifty years late.  It was finally authorized by an act of Congress. It is written that a CMoH must be awarded within five years of the qualifying action. At the insistence of then Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, Congress passed a defense authorization bill in December 2016 with a rider attached that exempted McCloughan from the five year stipulation.

Another aspect of this story is that James is an American of Irish descent which is notable to all Americans who can claim they are from the “Old Sod.” Irish Americans have played an important role in the making of this country from the beginning and are rightly proud of their contributions to America including those of James McCloughan.

Another noteworthy aspect of this story is that it will be the first Congressional Medal of Honor award presided over by President Trump.

James McCloughan is another outstanding representative of the great Vietnam Veteran Generation. He served his country with distinction in the Vietnam War and then came home to South Haven and continued serving. For more than forty years he taught psychology, sociology and geography at South Haven High School and coached football, wrestling and baseball. He is a member of the Michigan High School Coaches Hall of Fame.

Hear his story at episode 937 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast.

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