946 – South Koreans in hot water over Vietnam massacre claims


In this episode, number 946, of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast a disturbing topic about alleged war crimes aimed at one of America’s staunchest allies in the Vietnam War will be highlighted. Beginning in 1999 reports began to surface about South Korean troops committing atrocities while participating in the Vietnam War. A story in Korea’s Hankyoreh English edition website titled: First citizens’ tribunal coming from Vietnam War victims of South Korean soldiers. The story was submitted by Hwang Keum-bi, a staff reporter.

Quang Nam Province, vietnam veteran news, mack payneIt is claimed by Vietnamese civilians South Korean soldiers murdered numerous civilians in Quang Nam Province in 1968. The South Koreans reported murdered men, women and children for no apparent reason. The majority of the killings took place in the villages of Phong Nhi, Phong Nhat, and Ha My in Quang Nam Province.

The South Korean government has never acknowledged any of the claims as being true. For years victims have been seeking some sort of justice for the alleged crimes from the South Koreans. On June 2 Six attorneys with a MINBYUN-Lawyers for a Democratic Society task force traveled to Vietnam to investigate the massacres of civilians by South Korean troops. The name “Minbyun” is an abbreviation of Korean words meaning “Lawyers for a Democratic Society” in English.

The MINBYUN attorneys conducted interviews with witnesses and victims of the massacres that were reported to have occurred in the villages of Phong Nhi, Phong Nhat, and Ha My. The attorneys main purpose for the visit was on gathering more survivor and eyewitness accounts and data for the proposed lawsuit.

The MINBYUN task force and Korea-Vietnam Peace Foundation plan to hold a tribunal around Apr. 2018. That would which mark the 43rd anniversary of the Vietnam War’s end. The tribunal is to take place in Seoul or Jeju with victims of civilian massacres in Vietnam as plaintiffs.

Get the full story at episode 946 of the Vietnam Veteran News.

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946 – South Koreans in hot water over Vietnam massacre claims — 2 Comments

  1. I wonder how South Koreans say, “we are to be apologized”, even after swallowing so much money from Japan over “comfort women”.
    I hear that the laterst 100,000 US dollars per “former comfort woman” that Japan paid partly failed to be passed to “former comfort woman” due to inappropriate spending… Now South Korea is making a fuss about the need for Japan to apologize more…in the monetary form as always…

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