951 – Original flight crew to restore their Vietnam War B-52

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The original flight crew of the B-52 bomber nicknamed “Midnight Express” that operated in the Vietnam War.

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The story about a wonderful project going on at Paine Field of Everett, Washington will be featured in episode 951 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast. It is about a group of Vietnam Veterans rejoining together to restore a special B-52 bomber nicknamed “Midnight Express.” The story was covered by Seattle Tacoma’s Fox Q13 TV in a segment titled: Vietnam vets launch new mission to give aging B-52 a place of honor and glory. The segment was produced by Matt Lorch.

The emerging saga began when two retired Air Force pilots who were both shot down during the Vietnam War got together. One was 76-year old Joe Crecca of North Bend. He was a F-4 pilot who was shot down over Vietnam and spent six-and-a-half years as a prisoner of war in the Hanoi Hilton with John McCain. The other pilot was Jim Farmer, now a Bellevue resident, who flew one of those B-52s.

Along with the original crew of the B-52 bomber “Midnight Express” they have launched a new mission together. They aim to accomplish the immense job of saving the B-52 that’s been languishing up here (at Paine Field) for 26 years.

When finished the restored B-52 will be the centerpiece of a new memorial park, paying tribute to the aircraft of the Vietnam War, while honoring the service members who flew and supported them. The new park will be created from Project “Welcome Home” that was started by the veterans involved in the B-52 restoration mission.

The estimated cost to bring the B-52 back to its original combat condition is $600,000. The projected total cost of Project ‘Welcome Home’ is $2.2 million. Like most memorable projects like this one in Seattle the majority of the funding will be from private donations.

You are encouraged to make a donation to this wonderful project that will honor all Vietnam Veterans.

CLICK HERE for more about information about Project “Welcome Home” and to make a donation.

Discover more about this ambitious restoration project at episode 951 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast.

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