973 – A Canadian’s look at the US and Vietnam War

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Heather Mallick – For Heather Mallick, columnist for The Star, Catholic teaching is irrelevant and the role of men today is to keep their views to themselves.

Episode 973 the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will move into the geopolitical arena with a look at why those in foreign environs tend to hate America and its people despite the $42.3 we hand out around the world in foreign aid. An opinion piece by columnist Heather Mallick in The Star website titled: How Omar Khadr was caught in the American fog of war: Mallick offers a little Canadian insight into the issue.

Back in episode 904 of this podcast the question of why does the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un, indicate he wants to destroy America with nuclear tipped missiles? was highlighted. The writer Mehdi Hasan pointed out that during the entire Korean War which lasted three years we carpet bombed North Korea continuously leaving no two buildingĀ  blocks connected and killing thousands of civilians in the process. The dynastic Kim leadership has built and maintained a natural hatred of the US that has resulted in the current situation.

Columnist Mallick has picked up on this development to build a case for her conclusion the United States has no idea what it is doing when it comes to waging war. She brings her argument to the present time by citing the case of Omar Khadr.

He is the Canadian citizen who had the audacity to join up with the Islamic combatants in Afghanistan. His actions there resulted in the death of America soldiers. That led to his capture and incarceration in the “Club Gitmo” at the American base on Guantanamo where he was held and released back to his home country. He filed suit and the Supreme Court of Canada ruled he should be granted millions of dollars to help compensate him for the torture he received at the hands of the evil Americans.

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