975 – Bill Reynolds and his pilgrimages back to Vietnam, Part 2

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Vietnam veteran Bill Reynolds. KATHARINE LOTZE/Signal. 04062016

Episode 975 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast is a continuation of the conversation with Bill Reynolds, the director of Veterans Affairs for The Signal in Santa Clarita Valley, California. In Part 1 of his interview he described how he got to his position as an advocate primarily for the Vietnam Veteran Generation. He was featured in the book “Boys of ’67,” Charlie Company, 4th/47th Inf, 9th Infantry Division.

Because of his work with veterans he was asked by the chairman of the Greatest Generations Foundation, Timothy Smith to head up Vietnam Veteran tours back to Vietnam. Bill gladly accepted the invitation and to date has led three veteran tours back to the scene of the battles.

In Part 2 of his conversation he related his experiences when he interacted with the Vietnamese people. He interacted with many Vietnam Veterans who served on the other side. You may be surprised at what he discovered. He also talked about what is going on in modern Vietnam. The stories he tells are eye opening.

Possibly the most exciting thing Bill talked about is the amazing things the Greatest Generations Foundation is doing for all veterans including Vietnam Veterans. Since he has led three Foundation tours to Vietnam, he has become the “go to” person for anyone desiring to inquire about the possibility of being able to go on one of the Foundation tours.

Many Vietnam Veterans who have returned to the place where they had picked up so many vividly intense memories say it is highly psychologically therapeutic to return to the scene of the creation of those memories.

If you are interested in seeing if you qualify you can CLICK HERE for more information about the Foundation but it is recommended that you contact Bill first. He can tell you all about the program and how you could be on the next flight to Vietnam.

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