982 – VVA member Thomas Barden sues DoD

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VVA Chapter 77 member Thomas Barden

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Thuy Lan Nguyen of WKBW

Episode 982 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast exposes another menace for which Vietnam Veterans should be exercising extreme vigilance. It is alleged that dirty rotten con artists are using personal information about the veterans obtained from the public Department of Defense website to scam the veterans. A story on WKBW ABC channel 7 in Buffalo, New York titled: Local Vietnam Veterans and University at Buffalo file lawsuit against Department of Defense. The story was covered by Thuy Lan Nguyen of WKBW.

Thomas Barden, Vietnam Veterans of America chapter 77 member, along with the Civil Liberties & Transparency Clinic from the University at Buffalo School of Law are filing a major data privacy lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Defense. All this is happening in Tonawanda, New York.

According to Vietnam Veteran Thomas Barden, it all started with him when he was contacted by someone who claimed to be a representative of Microsoft. Barden believed the caller was legit because the person was citing he personal information. Consequently he gave the scammer what was requested and this led  to Barden’s computer being hacked. His passwords were changed and attempts were made to steal his credit card and banking information. Barden believes if the scammer hadn’t used his military service information to gain his trust, he wouldn’t have fallen victim to the scam.

Barden’s experience should be a warning to all Vietnam Veterans. Always be aware of the possibility of falling victim to a scammer. As a result of his experience all should be suspect even if a caller or emailer has all sorts of personal information about you. They can be very convincing when they say you computer and all your data is in danger. Don’t be the next victim of a con artist.

Discover more about Thomas Barden and his lawsuit against the Department of Defense in episode 982.

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