998 – Vietnam Vet Bill Hotaling served on the USS Saint Paul


Episode 998 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will highlight another excellent representative of the great Vietnam Veteran Generation. He is Bill Hotaling, a US Navy Vietnam Veteran who today resides in Bowling Green, Kentucky. It is even more important to do that in this day and time when highly paid professional football players can’t seem to be able to bring themselves to stand for the national anthem of the country that provided them with the opportunities of wealth and the freedom to speak they so amply enjoy. The writer of this piece will stick to watching the University of Alabama Crimson Tide football team beat up on their SEC opponents and refrain from watching the professional football games and supporting their sponsors. Thank goodness we still have the freedom to do that. Thank you Vietnam Veterans.

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Deborah Highland

Now getting back to Bill Hotaling, there was a story about him in The Bowling Green Daily News titled: Veteran: Vietnam War naval service routine, with bursts of fear by Deborah Highland, dhighland@bgdailynews.com. Bill is a native of Philadelphia. Both his father and grandfather were US Navy veterans and probably due to that heritage he was imbued with the belief that military service was an obligation.

After college he decided to follow in his forbearers footsteps and join the US Navy. When he entered the Navy, the Vietnam War was raging at its fullest but that did not deter young Bill Hotaling. He figured it was his duty to serve his country in the military and the fact a war was going on did not make any difference in his duty obligation.

Bill served three tours in the Vietnam theater of operations as an officer aboard the USS Saint Paul a Baltimore class heavy cruiser that could fire 8″ shells on targets 26 miles away. On many occasions the ship would sail into the middle of Haiphong harbor and shell targets of opportunity.

Discover more about Bill Hotaling and his service to his country during and after the Vietnam War in episode 998.

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  1. Bill,

    I was a radioman 1965-1967. What division were you in? I got out a few days early because of returning to Subic Bay after being shot.


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