028 VVN – Len Erickson Interviews Mack Payne on WLKF


Len EricksonFrom time to time I will be interviewed on radio programs and one of my favorite subjects to talk about is my book “Vietnam Veteran Memoirs.”

Not long ago I was interviewed by Len Erickson on his show – Mayhem in the Am – on WLKF in Lakeland, Florida. That interview in its entirety will be presented in this episode and I hope you enjoy my conversation with a super radio host, Len Erickson.

027 VVN -Vietnam Vet Robert Crim Gets Special Surprise

Robert Grim

Deb Granger, Freedom Star United owner presents a quilt to Vietnam Veteran Robert Crim.

In this episode we will be looking so very nice things the American Quilting Society is doing for Vietnam Veterans.  Vietnam Veteran Robert Crim decided to stop by a quilt show in Murray, Kentucky and received a special surprise.  I guarantee it will  warm your heart.

026 VVN – Richard Roger, MD

Richard Roger

U.S. Army Capt. Richard Roger, right, is awarded the Silver Star for his life-saving actions in Vietnam by Brig. Gen. Albin Irzyk on March 27, 1968, at Army headquarters in Saigon.
(Photo: Courtesy of Richard Roger)

Richard Roger was a doctor who served in Vietnam During the Tet Offensive of 1968. He was awarded the Silver Star for bravery.  This is significant because very few doctors ever get the opportunity to serve in such intense combat operations. Hope you enjoy his story.

025 VVN – Mike Wright Interview

Mike Wright - Vietnam Veteran News

Mike Wright

Mike Wright shares an interesting story of how he had an effect on the Vietnam War without ever going to the country. Mike is a retired auditor with the State of Indiana and he is going to tell how he was drafted and spent his two year hitch in the US Army at Fort Knox, Kentucky.

He will share his personal perspective of his duties in the Army and his viewpoint of the war in general.

024 VVN – Wilbur Little – Marine Vietnam Vet Interview

US Marine Corps - Wilbur Little

US Marine Corps

Wilbur Little is a Marine Vietnam Vet who was an infantryman in the early days of the Vietnam Conflict. He operated in the northernmost parts of South Vietnam and saw plenty of first hand action with the opposing forces. His tour in Vietnam ended after ten months when he was seriously wounded and evacuated to Guam for medical treatment.

After his hospitalization he remained in Guam for the remaining nine months of his time with the Marines. He ran the Navy-Marine Liaison Office where among other things he had the opportunity to meet then President Lyndon B. Johnson.

You are going to enjoy this very interesting and exciting interview with a Marine who tells how it really was in the Northern I Corps during the Vietnam War.

023 VVN – Myrtle Beach Celebrates Vietnam Veterans

The Wall that Remembers

Displays of photos and objects that have been left at the real Vietnam Wall accompany The Wall That Heals, which last visited Myrtle Beach in 2011.

The Traveling Replica Of The Black Granite Vietnam Memorial on the National Mall in Washington will make a return appearance at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The display will bea part of the Memorial Day weekend events beginning on May 24.

Bob Hawkins a retired Army veteran from Pawleys Island is helping coordinate the event. Call Bob at 843-235-3972 for more information.

022 VVN – It’s Past Time To Welcome Home Vietnam Vets

HQ, A Battery, 4th 77 Field Artillery

Major Richard L. Mills and the HQ Staff of A/4/77FA(ARA) 101st Airborne Division at Phu Bai, RVN

Kevin J. ClarkHallowell has written a letter in the Kennebec Journal outlining why it is past time to welcome home the Vietnam Veterans.  He presents a brief but concise background of the war and how it has affected our country and many of its citizens.

At the end of his letter he provides a vehicle to finally welcome home the highly deserving Vietnam Veterans. It is in the form of an online petition anyone can add their name to in an effort to convey a belated welcome to all Vietnam Vets. It can be found at kjonline.com

021 VVN – Gary Sinise is a True Patriot

Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise the actor who played Lieutenant Dan Taylor in the Oscar winning 1994 movie Forrest Gump is playing a large role in helping disabled veterans get back into normal lives.

His latest project described in this episode is the setting up of a tour of Hollywood for 50 disabled veterans. He has enlisted the aid of American Airlines, Disney and the Paramount Pictures studio in California.

The veterans got to meet such movie stars as Tim Allen and Tom Hanks who played Forrest Gump in the movie. Needless to say this is one group of 50 happy veterans.

020 VVN – Al-Qaida draws lessons from North Vietnam

U.S. Army helicopters

U.S. Army helicopters assist South Vietnamese soldiers, in 1965.

In this episode I take a look at an article In the Providence Journal by Col. Theodore L. Gatchel (USMC, ret.), a monthly contributor, is a military historian and a professor emeritus of joint military operations. Gatchel tells how Al-Qaida has taken a page out of the North Vietnamese Playbook on how to fight an enemy with a superior military capability. He also points out how President Obama seems to be missing this important lesson and how it can spell problems for this country in the future.

019 VVN – Chuck Hagel’s Smoke and Mirrors

Chuck Hagel

Chuck Hagel, Secretary of Defense

In this episode an article by Wallace Henley in the Christian Post about the proposed cuts in the military budget recently announced by Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel will be displayed.

Henley maintains the budget cut announcement by Hagel is a ruse to deceive the American people about what is really going on in the governmental spending process. These proposals if allowed to stand will not provide protection for the American people from the clear and imminent perils that exist in the world today.