071 VVN – Vietnam Vet Charles Cooley’s Sad Story

Charles Cooley, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

Charles Cooley, a blue water veteran served on the U.S.S Lynde McCormick during the Vietnam War. He is currently suffering from a diabetes, arterial disease, neuropathy in his legs and asbestosis. Cooley believes many of his ailments are related to Agent Orange exposure during his service, but because he didn’t set foot on land, he is not eligible for veteran benefits.

The story in this episode tells about a sad and shameful situation a Vietnam Veteran finds himself mired in after contracting diseases caused by Agent Orange. Charles Cooley now knows what the Indians meant when they said the white man speaks with a forked tongue. He not only has to fight for his physical life but he also has to battle an obviously uncaring bureaucracy.

Charles Cooley’s story should have every citizen demanding their congressional representative support HR-543 and help our veterans suffering from the ravaging effects of Agent Orange.

070 – John Rossie – 30,000 More Veterans Died Waiting for VA Benefits

Blue Water Navy, vietnam veteran news, mack payne, john rossie

Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veteran Association symbol

In this episode the plight of Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans is described in a press release issued by John Rossie, Chairman of the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Association. Rossie tells how the VA is like Nero who played his fiddle while Rome burned. Vietnam Veterans are dying of Agent Orange related diseases while the VA stalls. This message will shock you as it tells about the callous government response to the brave veterans who fought for their country.

069 – Bryan, Texas Vietnam Veteran Memorial Nears Funding Goal

Bryan, Texas Vietnam Memorial, mack payne, vietnam veteran news

A mockup version of the Vietnam Memorial was unveiled during a ceremony outside Clara B. Mounce Public Library in Bryan on Sunday.

The City of Bryan, Texas is helping a group fund a Vietnam Veteran Memorial dedicated to the citizens of the Brazos Valley who died in the Vietnam War. This story comes from the Eagle.com and it was written by Andrea Salazar. John Hince, a spokesman for the project, stated its purpose is to honor those how died in the conflict and who are from the area. You are encouraged to help the local chapter of The Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 937 reach its goal of raising the $80,000 needed to complete the project. You can visit their website at: vva937.org or call them at 979-778-1835 for more information.

068 – Scotsman Robert Buchan Honored for Vietnam Service

Robert Buchan, mack payne, vietnam veteran news

A memorial to L/Cpl Buchan in Australia: His name and face will be added to a new ‘Wall of Faces’ memorial planned to be erected in Washington DC, but only if his relatives can be found to give permission

Robert Buchan was a brave Scotsman who died in The Vietnam War while fighting with the Australian Military Forces. This episode features an article in the Daily Mail by Damian Gayle. In it Mr. Gayle tells about a new memorial to be established in Washington, D.C. adjacent to the Vietnam Memorial Wall where the contribution made by Australia to the Vietnam war will be honored. The names of the Australians who died in that war are to be displayed on the new memorial known as The Wall of Faces. But there is a problem in getting Buchan’s name added because the Office of Australian War Graves cannot locate any of Buchan’s surviving relatives to approve the addition.

His family was last known to be living in the Perth area of Scotland. It is requested that anyone who has information about the family contact Damian Gayle at: damien.gayle@dailymail.co.uk

067 – Opinions About Vietnam and Iraq by a Student – Nicholas Ulferts

Nick Ulferts, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran Memoirs

: Nick Ulferts, student at the Illinois State University and columnist for the Vidette Online, Illinois State University’s News Source

There are some striking similarities between the Vietnam Conflict and the situation in Iraq. Nicholas Ulferts is a student at The Illinois State University who writes a column for the Vidette, a school publication. It is interesting to get a youthful perspective of the questions our country faces today with the Iraq challenges. He points out how the country was wrestling with the same sort of questions over forty years ago with the Vietnam situation. My conclusion from Nick’s piece is that me must carefully consider the past as we move forward in the future.

066 – Vietnam Vet Edward Ryberg Opines

Edward Ryberg, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

Edward Ryberg lives in Hingham, MA. He is a graduate of Cornell University and served as a Lieutenant in the Civil Engineer Corp, U.S. Navy.

Vietnam Vet Edward Ryberg is not happy with the Bowe Bergdahl situation. He expressed his views in the Patriot Ledger of Quincy, MA and they were very clear in describing this prisoner swap that was orchestrated by President Obama with absolutely no consultation with Congress. His opinions were so compelling I decided they should be featured in this podcast episode. This incident combined with many others such as the IRS thing, you can keep your own doctor, fast and furious gun running, foreign policy red lines turning yellow and others make you wonder about the current leadership of this country. Please go to church and pray for this country.

065 – Lee Ellis – Former POW Gives Leadership Advice

Lee Ellis, mack payne, vietnam veteran news

Retired Air Force Colonel Lee Ellis, who spent about 5.5 years in a North Vietnamese prison camp after he was shot down in his fighter jet in Nov. 1967

In this episode we will be looking at a story about a former Vietnam POW. He is retired Air Force Colonel Lee Ellis and the story comes from the Savannah Morning News By Corey Dickstein. Col. Ellis was at a speaking engagement in Savannah where he was addressing the Association of Consulting Foresters and he talked about his experiences in the “Hanoi Hilton” and how it galvanized his principles of leadership.

064 VVN – Interview with John Rossie


Blue Water Navy, vietnam veteran news, mack payne, john rossieJohn Rossie tells more the critical need for Congress to take action immediately to help the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans who suffer from the terrible effects of Agent Orange. Congress is like Nero fiddling around while Rome burned. Our brave veterans are dying terrible deaths every day from diseases and cancers caused by Agent Orange while Congress debates the issue. There is really no issue to debate – American veterans are dying as a result of their service to their country and we need to help them today.

You are urged to contact your Representatives and urge them to support HR-543.

063 VVN – The Story of Ruediger Richter and the “The Agony of War”

Ruediger Richter - The Agony of War, Vietnam Veteran News, Mack Payne

: Iconic photo “The Agony of War” showing Ruediger Richter of the 173rd Airborne Brigade awaiting a helicopter that would take away a fallen comrade.

Ruediger Richter has an amazing story to tell. It not only covers his time and experiences in Vietnam where gained fame from the iconic photo “The Agony of War” but a life time of adventure starting with the bombing of Berlin in World War II then on to a stint in the German Merchant Marine followed by a tour with the French Foreign Legion. All this led up to his joining the US Army and serving with the 173rd Airborne Brigade in Vietnam.

062 VVN – Lt Calley Fesses Up To My Lai Massacre


Lt William Calley, vietnam veteran news

William Calley arrives for a hearing before his trial at Fort Benning on Nov. 14, 1970.

Lt William Calley fought in the Vietnam War with the Americal Division. He is singly remembered for his part in the infamous “My Lai Massacre.”  He was charged with killing up to 500 unarmed civilians.  The case at the time caused much deep thinking about the war and exactly what we were doing there in the first place. His defenders supported the view he was a scapegoat and others demanded he be shot.

The case got to the presidential level when then President Richard M. Nixon reduced the accused Lt. Calley’s murder charges and he was sentenced to three years house arrest at Columbus, Georgia.

The former Lt. Calley admitted to his actions publicly at a Kiwanis meeting in Columbus, Georgia.