188 VVN – Operation Lam Son 719, Part 1

Vietnamese Soldiers Moving to Laos, Vietnam Veteran News, mack payne

South Vietnamese soldiers moving into Laos during Operation Lam Son 719.

This episode begins a multi-part look at Operation Lom Son 719 a pivotal battle of the Vietnam War. It was as much political as it was military in its planning and it resulted in a seismic change in the airmobile doctrine of the US Army due to heavy losses in US aircraft.

The writer(I) participated in Lom Son 719 from day one to the day we pulled out and. After seeing it first hand, to this day I fully realized that I was in the middle of a history making event. I urge you to listen to whole presentation of this epic operation.

187 VVN – Vietnam Veterans Being Welcomed Home in South Carolina

Williamsburg County Welcomes Home Vietnam Veterans

Drivers coming into Kingstree will get a colorful notice that the town is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War with a special welcome. Other banners are on display at the Williamsburg County Public Services Building on Main Street. PHOTO BY MICHAELE DUKE

Robert McClary head of the Williamsburg County Veterans Affairs office in South Carolina has started a program of welcoming home Vietnam Veterans. It is in conjunction with the DOD’s 50th Anniversary Commemoration of the Vietnam War.

An article in the Kingstree News is featured in this episode. It tells about the program and shows the 3′ X 8′ banner designed by Debra Wilson of the Williamsburg County Veterans office that will be used in the multiyear program of welcoming home Vietnam Veterans.

Anyone wishing to purchase one of those banners can do so by contacting Robert McClary at (843) 355-9321 ext. 6301.

186 VVA – Interview With John Bullock a Mountain of Inspiration

John Bullock

John Bullock – Vietnam Veteran and successful businessman.

In this episode you will hear the story of a brave Vietnam Veteran, John Bullock. He will tell how he worked hard for his education and then made the most of his hitch in the US Army by obtaining three highly regarded MOS’s in the medical field.

His training and qualifications were so valuable to the Army he was sent to Vietnam with only 8 months remaining on his term of service. He describes how he was shipped to Vietnam with the 29th Evac Hospital in an old troop ship and upon arrival the unit had to disembark the ship World War II style over the side on troop nets.

After his time with Uncle Sam he completed a highly successful thirty year career with General Motors. For the past nine years he and his wife have operated a popular gym in Austintown, Ohio. See his website: http://fitfamily1.com.

You are going to enjoy his inspiring story.

185 VVA – Attention All Veterans

New Jersey Veterans

New Jersey veterans stepping up to the plate and doing good things. From left, Stephen Smith, Jr. of Mount Holly, Joseph T. Donnelly of Cape May, Joseph Harris of Green Creek, and Stephen Duncan of Woodbury pose for a photograph at the Groundbreaking Ceremony for the American Veterans Disabled For Life Memorial in Washington, D.C. on the morning of Wednesday November 12, 2010. Photo by Jamie C. Horton/For The Star-Ledger

In this episode the duty of all veterans to honor their service is highlighted. An article by Luis J. Alers in the JDNews.com of Jacksonville, NC talks about how important it is for veterans of all wars to be active in veterans organizations. Otherwise the opinions of those not familiar with the military or appreciative of it will become prevalent. If this happens, in no time veterans will begin to be treated as Vietnam Veterans were after that war. That will lead to a weakening of the military which is critical to the safety of the USA which exists in a dangerous world.

So – Notice to all veterans please follow Alers’ suggestions by joining and actively participating in the veterans organization of your choice. Do this and you will help keep America great and maintain the shining beacon of hope and freedom it is to the whole world.

184 VVN – USA and Vietnam Team Up

Vietnamese and Americans Meet, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

Vietnamese and Americans meet to discuss weapons deal.

Sometimes events cause former enemies to come together as many never thought possible. That is happening with the USA and former adversary North Vietnam. Today as a result of the Chinese trying to be the bully of East Asia America is teaming up with Vietnam to counter the threat.

In this episode an article by Ryan Faith of Vice News describes the situation that caused this meeting of former enemies. Vietnam Veterans should find this interesting.

183 VVN – New York City Borough Honors Vietnam Vets

Queens Borough President Melinda Katz, Vietnam Veteran News, Mack Payne

Queens Borough President Melinda Katz on Thursday presented John Rowan (l.), national president of the Vietnam Veterans of America, and Haitian American Veterans Association President Dr. Fritz Fils-Aime with citations in recognition of their service to the country and their continued service to the veterans community.
Photo Courtesy of Borough President Katz’s office

Queens Borough President Melinda Katz honored Vietnam Veterans at a recent ceremony during Borough Hall’s inaugural Veterans Day Observance Ceremony. The Queens Borough is a part of the greater metropolitan New York area. It lies east of Manhattan across the East River, just north of Brooklyn and south of The Bronx.

The ceremony honored veterans associations that had provided much assistance to veterans over a long period of time. The article shared in this episode comes from theforumnewgroup.com.


182 VVN – Vietnam Vet Jim Lundgard Surprised

182 VVN - Vietnam Vet Jim Lundgard Surprised, Vietnam Veteran News, Mack Payne

Vietnam veteran Jim Lundgard Surprised in Louisville.

At the recent Veterans Day Ceremony held in Louisville, Kentucky Vietnam Vet Jim Lundgard received a big surprise. In a story by Tamara Evans writing for WDRB.com we are told how Lundgard got the surprise of his life.

He had labored for months in getting a new Veterans Memorial created to replace an older model that was removed during park renovation. The new monument and flag pole were dedicated at this year’s Veterans Day events. It was at that event Lundgard was surprised by the appearance of five members of his old unit in Vietnam. He had not seen them in over forty years. They were flown in from as far away as California by Early Times just to surprise Lundgard.

181 VVN – FSU Now Honors Vietnam Vets

FSU Changes Attitude

FSU now placing top priority on honoring Vietnam Vets.

At one time FSU was known as the “Berkeley of the South” due to the extreme positions and activities protesting the Vietnam War. That institution was one of the most vocal opponents of the war in the nation.

Today that has all changed. FSU now is one of the leading institutions in America honoring Vietnam Veterans. In this episode this change of heart is covered in two articles from New 4 Jax written by Matt Galka and Mike Vasilinda both reporters for the Capitol News Service.

180 VVN – Two Marine Veterans Remember Khe Sanh

David “Randy” Norton and Larry McCartney, mack payne, vietnam veteran news

David “Randy” Norton of Charlotte and Larry McCartney of Black Mountain remember Khe Sanh, the Vietnam War’s longest and bloodiest battle.

Joe DePriest of The Charlotte Observer wrote an article about two Marine Vietnam Veterans who were remembering their experiences during the Battle of Khe Sanh on Veterans Day. The two Marines were David “Randy” Norton of Charlotte and Larry McCartney of Black Mountain.

They were among the 90 Marines interviewed by writer Gregg Jones when he wrote his book titled: “Last Stand at Khe Sanh.” In this episode we will take a look at the harrowing experiences of the Marines at Khe Sanh.

179 VVN – Veterans Day Interview on WSOM – Tracey and Friends

Tracy Winbush

Tracey Winbush of Tracy and Friends on WSOM Radio in Youngstown, Ohio.

This episode was released on Veterans Day, November 11, 2014. As the podcast master I was interviewed by Tracey Winbush who heads up the Tracy and Friends Morning Show on WSOM in Youngstown, Ohio. The purpose of the interview was to talk about Veterans Day and to honor the veterans.

That interview in its entirety is presented in this episode for your edification. In the interview I make a few comments about my thoughts on the Vietnam War after all these years. Hope you enjoy the conversation.