113 VVN – Vietnam – Our New Friend??

General Dempsey, mack payne, vietnam veteran news

U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey and Vietnamese Chief of General Staff of the Army, Lt. Gen. Do Ba Ty in Hanoi, Vietnam on Aug. 14. /Tran Van Minh/AP

Isn’t it interesting how time changes things? Recently General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, marched in review before a Vietnamese honor guard right beside Vietnam’s military chief, Gen. Do Ba Ky. A Vietnam Veteran might ask – what in the world is going on? The times are a-changing to quote bard of note. In this episode a story by Donald Kirk in the WorldTribune.com tells about how the US is now considering giving aid to Vietnam in its disputes with China over the ownership of mineral rich islands in the South China Sea. Now that would be an odd turn of events, it could easily happen in this crazy world we live in. Kirk uses this development to opine about the possibility of the same thing happening in Korea. The thought of this happening makes it clear that we live in an every changing world filled with some bad characters and we better stay strong and on our toes. If you would like to contact Donald Kirk, he can be reached at: kirkdon@yahoo.com

112 VVN – Baptist Missionaries Visit Vietnam

Baptists Speak to Vietnamese Students, Vietnam Veteran News, Mack Payne

The Broken Arrow mission team met with students at New Life center where the gospel was shared openly.

In this episode we will look at a story by Jo-Ann Jennings, a writer for the Broken Arrow Ledger. She tells the story of a group of missionaries led by Pastor Scott Morie of Indian Springs Baptist Church who visited Vietnam. Vietnam Veterans remember the Vietnam of forty plus years ago and it is interesting to get a glimpse of the country today.

The Baptist visitors could not preach on street corners or hand out Bibles randomly but they could talk to students as cultural ambassadors. Morie said “We’re just planting seeds” that could someday produce fruit in that communist country that suppresses the peoples worship of Christianity.

The story was an interesting look at what is going in Vietnam today and the attitudes of the people there. Hope you enjoy the story.


111 VVN -The Plight of The Hmong People – Friends of The US in Vietnam War

Hmong Refugee Camp, Vietnam Veteran News, Mack Payne

Hmong refugees collect water at Huay Nam Khao village in Thailand’s northeastern province of Petchabun in 2007. Some 8,000 ethnic Hmong refugees, who claim to have fled persecution in Laos, will be sent back to their homeland.

In this episode I will look at a story about the plight of some of the Hmong people who supported the US in the Vietnam War. I warn you it is not a pleasant story. The Hmong were strong and loyal friends of the US when it was fighting the spread of communism in the Vietnam War. They were rewarded for their US associations with a wide range of persecutions including death. They are still to this day being accused of spying for the US.

This account tells the sad story of 24-year-old Pa Kou Vang who has been running all her life. She makes the fugitive, Dr. Richard Kimble’s TV series, look like a picnic. It is a shame more can’t be done to assist those who helped us when we needed their brave services in war.

110 VVN – South Mississippi Tea Party Views

Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

Mack Payne spoke at a meeting of The South Mississippi Tea Party in D’Iberville, Mississippi where he urged the audience to continue the fight to keep America great.

Recently I spoke to the South Mississippi Tea Party in D’Iberville, Mississippi about keeping America great. In this episode I recount a few of my comments and why I feel so strongly about them. I also tell about meeting a Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veteran who was suffering from an Agent Orange related disease and could not get medical treatment from the VA.

At the end of the talk I encouraged all in attendance to make sure they all voted and then a lady with a heavy German accent stood of and said the reason Hitler was able to take control of Germany was because too many Christians did not vote. He statement was very compelling.

If you need a patriot speaker for your event visit my website: http://patriotspeaker.com.

109 VVN – Mack Payne Speaking About Vietnam

Mack Payne, vietnam veteran news

Mack Payne speaking at a meeting of The Villages Tea Party in Florida urging the audience to continue the fight to keep America great.

Recently I spoke to the Villages Tea Party in Florida about keeping America great. The message was so compelling I decided to replay the audio portion in this Episode. My main speaking topics revolve around keeping America Great. I hope you enjoy the message and if you need a speaker for an event see my website for more information. http://patriotspeaker.com.

108 VVN – The Real Reason Why We Fought And Died In Vietnam

The Chung Family, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

After leaving Vietnam, the author (in blue shorts) and his family spent 100 days at a camp in Singapore.(Courtesy of Chung Family)

This episode will reveal the real reason we fought in Vietnam.

That’s right you are finally going to discover the real reason we went to Vietnam and gave up so much in life, limb and national treasure.

Now I’m sure you have probably heard all the time worn arguments about why we went to Vietnam and stayed so long in what some misguided souls call an unwinnable war.

There was a story in the Parade magazine recently that made it absolutely clear why we were there in Vietnam and its justification.

The proof was contributed be Vinh Chung, who told his story of how his family escaped from the tyranny in South Vietnam after the Communist North took over.

It was a harrowing story with a happy ending but it made absolutely clear what we were fighting for in that distant land.

I asked my good buddy Mitchell Dye of Melbourne to narrate it for your edification.

This story illustrates the strong desire that all people have to be free and to be allowed to pursue their own happiness.

Vinh Chung’s story will grab your heart.

107 VVN – Fighting For Agent Orange Equity



Rep Chris Gibson, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

Congressman Christopher Gibson (R-NY)

Paul Kirby, writer for the Daily Freeman in Kingston, New York recently submitted an article about the work an Ellenville woman, Carol Olszanecki. She is very active in helping promote HR-543 which is intended to provide equity in VA medical services for Agent Orange illnesses suffered by Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans and others who have been dropped from VA medical benefits because of a legal ruling brought by the VA to save money.

Olszanecki helped establish The Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Association after her husband, John, died in 2002 at age 57 due to exposure to the herbicide Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. He was a member of the Blue Water Navy and the father of two children, Chris and Michele.

She is working closely with Representative Chris Gibson of New York, the original sponsor of the Bill and is hopeful it will pass the House of Representatives in September of 2014.

Her story to promote the Bill is presented in this episode.

106 VVN – A Donut Dolly’s Story

Red Cross Donut Dollies, Vietnam Veteran News, Mack Payne

Red Cross Girls on their way to Vietnam.

The Red Cross played a vital role in the Vietnam War. One of the most visible Red Cross functions were the Red Cross Girls known as Donut Dollies. They did their best to improve the troop morale in Vietnam. In this episode a story by Steve Frederick for the Star-Herald in Scottsbluff, Nebraska tells what Mary Peshek Nance thought of her thirteen months in Vietnam serving as a Red Cross Girl – Donut Dolly.

105 VVN – Part II – Vietnam War Deceptions

Carl Von Clauswitz, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

Carl Von Clausewitz, political and military theorist.

This episode is the second of a two part look at an article by retired JAG Major Todd E. Pierce titled: The Long Reach of Vietnam War Deceptions. Pierce leans heavily on the ideas of Carl Von Clausewitz as he makes the case here that the mistakes of judgment by political and military leaders of the Vietnam Era are still being committed by our national leaders today even to a higher degree than their amateur predecessors. Pierce concludes the people of America are being short changed on their constitutional guarantee of “the right to know” by leaders who are obsessed with the need for secrecy and the desire to use the media to promote policy rather than inform. This is robbing the citizens of their ability and awareness to have their say so when it comes to national policy decisions that could cause the citizens loss of life, limb and liberty.

104 VVN – Vietnam War Deceptions

General William C. Westmoreland, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

General William C. Westmoreland, Commander of US Forces in Vietnam.

This episode is the first of a two part look at an article by retired JAG Major Todd E. Pierce titled: The Long Reach of Vietnam War Deceptions. It deals with the fine line that must be walked by the nation in allowing the news media to perform its constitutional duty of “watch dogging” our national political and military leaders. The writer describes how this concept got all balled up in the Vietnam War with special attention to General William C. Westmoreland’s role in the conflict. You will have to decide what you think of this issue. As for me, I believe both sides of the argument have valid points to consider.