285 VVN – Korean War Vet Fights For Vietnam War Memorial

Don Van Beck, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

Don Van Beck holds onto his cane while sitting on a bench at the Veteran’s Memorial at Fountain Park in Leesburg on Feb. 24.

Don Van Beck of Leesburg, Florida is fighting to have a Vietnam Era Huey Helicopter placed in a memorial park at Leesburg to honor Vietnam War Veterans. Unfortunately he is encountering resistance from the city commission.

If you would like to support Don Van Beck in his mission to get a Huey in the Park, one thing you can do is contact the city commission and let them know of your support. Click Here for the city commission.

Click Here to contact Don Van Beck





284 VVN – Blue Water Navy Vietnam Vet Steve Smith Dies at 65

Vietnam Vet Steve Smith, mack payne, vietnam veteran news

Steven Smith the tea maker; an uncommon man, and a remarkable life.

Steve Smith was a veteran of the Blue Water Navy in Vietnam. He recently passed away as a result of complications of cancer. His story is shared in this episode. It comes from an article in The Columbian. It was titled: Portland tea maker Steven Smith dies at 65 and was written by David Henry of the Bloomberg News.

The story is significant in that it highlights the achievements of a Vietnam Veteran and backs up the supposition that Vietnam War veterans are as great as any war generation. Smith’s story also illustrates the terrible inheritance of Agent Orange. Here is a highly productive individual whose life was cut short and a family that included a sixteen year old son that was left fatherless.

Learn more about Steve Smith and his legacy at his website: http://www.smithtea.com/

283 VVN – Vietnam Vet Jumps for Kentucky Governor Office

Will T. Scott Jumps, mack payne, vietnam veteran news

Kentucky gubernatorial candidate Will T. Scott, 67, a Vietnam veteran with the 82nd Airborne Division, made the jump in an effort to highlight his stance on veterans affairs.

In this episode the story of Vietnam Veteran Will T. Scott, Kentucky gubernatorial will be featured. It comes from the Miami Herald by Adam Beam of the Associated Press and is titled: A giant leap – from a plane – for Kentucky governor hopeful.

Scott is running for Governor of Kentucky on a very tight budget so he is forced to do attention getting stunts like making a parachute jump to garner press attention. He is in an uphill battle against a three man field of experienced politicians. Listen to this episode and get the whole story about this Vietnam Veteran who also jumped with the 82nd Airborne Division.

282 VVN – Oliver North to Speak at College of the Ozarks Vietnam Memorial

College of the Ozarks Vietnam Memorial, Oliver North, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

College of the Ozarks employees Clay Harty, left, and Chris Cox install a base for a light at the new Missouri Vietnam Veterans Memorial at Veterans Grove on the school’s campus.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial at College of the Ozarks located in Point lookout, Missouri will be dedicated in a ceremony on April 22. The keynote address at the event will be delivered by none other than Oliver North, the retired Marine lieutenant colonel, best-selling author and Fox News contributor. The State of Missouri is designating it as the official Vietnam War Memorial for the state.

College of the Ozarks has a vision “to develop citizens of Christ-like character who are well-educated, hard-working, and patriotic.” It sounds like an ideal location for a Vietnam War Memorial that honors the more than 1,400 Missourians who served and died in the Vietnam War.

The memorial was designed by an alumnus of the College and it will be constructed by students and faculty of the College. Point Lookout is located near Branson, Missouri so if you are a Vietnam Veteran attending a show in Branson why don’t you go down and visit the Memorial.


281 VVN – Interview with Tung Dinh, a Great American

Tung Dinh and Son Christian doing situps, mack payne, vietnam veteran news

Tung Dinh and Son Christian doing situps

This episode will feature an interview with Tung Dinh. He will tell about his perilous escape from South Vietnam in the last days before the North Vietnamese took over the South. He then tells about his life in America and how family first was at Fort Chafee, Arkansas and after processing moved to Murray, Kentucky where they built a life in America.

Dinh has been a lifelong resident of Murray. He attended school and college there and has built a thriving business in that town in western Kentucky.

He freely expresses his love and appreciation for his adopted country. He is demonstrating that love of country by announcing his intention to perform over 58,000 sit-ups to honor the names on the Vietnam War Memorial Wall. He is also using the event to mark the 40 years since the war ended in his native country and the 40th anniversary of his arrival in his new country of America.

For further information about Dinh’s memorial event, contact him at his business the Quest Fitness Center of Murray. His phone number is 270-753-6111.

He intends to raise money at the event for the Military Warrior Support Foundation’s program to buy homes for wounded veterans. He is asking everyone to contribute a dollar for a sit-up. Click here to contact the Foundation to make contributions.


280 VVN – East Texans See Vietnam and WWII Vintage Aircraft and C-123 Update


Tyler, TX Airshow and C-123 UpdateIn this episode two stories are shared. One is about an air show of World War II and Vietnam War aircraft in Tyler, Texas. The other story is an update on the C-123 Air Crewmen Association’s request for VA medical assistance.

The Tyler, Texas air show is designed to show off aircraft from previous wars to help people understand the history of those times. This is from KLTV:

All of the planes will be on display and will be available for flights again Sunday starting at 9 a.m. at Tyler Pounds Regional Airport.

At the event, visitors can explore the aircraft inside and out. Tours and up-close viewing is $12 for adults and $6 for children under 12. WWII Veterans can tour through the aircraft at no cost. Discounted rates are available for school groups.

Attendees can also take a 30-minute flight aboard the rare aircraft. Flights on the B-17 or B-24 are $450 per person. P-51 flights are $2,200 for a half hour and $3,200 for a full hour. Huey flights are $100 for front seats or $80 bench seats. For reservations and information on flight experiences, call 800-568-8924.

Visitors can find out more by visiting www.collingsfoundation.org.

The other story is about the VA delaying a decision on granting health benefits to the Air National Guard members who flew in repurposed C-123 aircraft that were used to spray Agent Orange in Vietnam. The story comes from the Stars and Stripes magazine by Travis J. Tritten titled: VA: No date set for Agent Orange C-123 decision.


279 VVN – Vietnam Vet Gary Honsey Get Medals After 46 Year Delay

The Arlington Veterans Park in Lake Mills, Iowa., vietnam veteran news, mack payne

The Arlington Veterans Park in Lake Mills, Iowa.

In this episode a story from the Globe Gazette in Mason City, Iowa by Mary Pieper titled: Lake Mills man receives his military medals after 46 years is featured. The article tells the story of Gary Honsey, a retired farmer from Lake Mills, who received his Vietnam War medals after a 46 year delay.


278 VVN – President Visits Problem VA Medical Center in Phoenix

VA Health System

VA Health System

In this episode an article from The Hill.com by Martin Matishak and Jordan Fabian titled: Obama heads to ‘epicenter’ of VA scandal will be featured. It tells about President Obama’s visit to the VA hospital in Phoeniz, Arizona. If you remember that is where the latest VA health system “dust up” began when it came to light that veteran’s patients there had to wait up to 115 days for service and that the hospital administrators were keeping secret patient lists to cover up the delays.

The president is going there to show his concern for improvements in the VA healthcare system. It is pointed out in the article that he drove right past the facility last year at the height of the controversy to attend an event one mile down the road past the hospital. Also some are concerned the hospital administrators will put on a “dog and pony show” that will accomplish nothing. You decide and comment below.

277 VVN – Vietnam Refugee Honors New Home in America

Tung Dinh and Son Christian doing situps, mack payne, vietnam veteran news

Tung Dinh and Son Christian doing situps

In this episode I will be sharing an incredible story out of Murray, Kentucky. It comes from the Murray Times & Ledger and was written by John Wright. It tells about a Vietnamese immigrant who is showing his appreciation for this country by performing 58,272 sit-ups at the National Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. Tung Dinh is honoring his adopted country and the veterans who fought for his former country by doing a sit-up for each name on The Wall.

Dinh is inviting two representatives from each state to come and be there as he accomplishes this amazing feat. He plans to begin on April 30 and end on May 1, commemorating his 40th anniversary of when he came to America.

If you would like more information on the event or let Mr. Dinh know you would like to represent a state at the event, he can be contacted at his business the Dinh’s Quest Fitness Center in Murray, Kentucky or by calling him at 270-293-6111 (cell phone) or 270-753-6111 (business office).

276 VVN – Vietnam vet Kerry Nivens works to ensure veterans receive thanks

Kerry Nivens, vietnam veteran news, mack payne

Vietnam Vet Kerry Nivens

In this episode we are going to take a look at a Vietnam Veteran who is working to insure Vietnam Vets get the welcome they deserve. A story from the Redstone Rocket by Skip Vaughn titled: Vietnam Vet Works To Ensure Veterans Receive Thanks tells the story.

The Vietnam Vet in question is Kerry Niven of Huntsville, Alabama. The story talks about his service with the US Air Force in Vietnam and his service to his community after the war. It also details his work with the Tan Son Nhut Association and his lifetime membership in the Vietnam Veterans Association of America, Huntsville Chapter 1067.

For information about Nivens’ associations check out these links or if you would like to contact him, his email address is also provided.

Kevin’s Email: kknivens@yahoo.com

Tan Son Nhut Association

Vietnam Veterans Association