235 VVN – Vietnam Vet Struck Down in Georgia

June and Bud Runion, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

June Runion, of Marietta, Ga., and her husband, Elrey “Bud” Runion

Sadly, in this episode I bring you news of a Vietnam Veteran who along with his wife were killed by an alleged robber. Elrey “Bud” Runion posted an ad on Craigslist seeking to buy a piece of his youth, a replica of the 1966 Ford Mustang convertible he bought after returning from the Vietnam War decades ago and it led to his death.

He was lured along with his wife June to another town with a promise of being able to purchase the car he so cherished. Instead of driving home his dream car, he and his wife were each shot in the head. A suspect has been arrested and the wheels of justice are turning.

Bud Runion not only was a Vietnam Veteran who served with the 1st Cav Division but he was noted for his many charitable works throughout the South after his service in Vietnam.

We send our condolences to the Runion family.

234 VVN – Mike Murphy – a Good Friend of Vietnam Vets

Mike Murphy and His Car Dealerships, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News
Mike Murphy and His Car Dealerships.

A while back I was driving up I-95 headed to a speaking gig in Charleston, South Carolina and was listening to the car radio as I passed through Georgia. I just happened to hear an advertisement for a car dealership in Brunswick. After all the usual information for the car dealership was presented the ad ended with something that caught my attention.

The car dealer in the ad stated that any Vietnam Veteran who bought a new car would receive free service for the car. I was so impressed with that act of kindness for Vietnam Veterans I had to speak to that car dealer.

In this episode you will hear Mike Murphy, the car dealer, himself tell his story about his motivation for putting his money where his mouth is and offering Vietnam Veterans a special free service.

It is such a tremendous thing to do for Vietnam Veterans I am urging all of them in the East Georgia area to contact one of Mike’s dealerships and buy a new car or at least thank him. Even if you are not in the area call him and he may just make you a deal you can’t beat at any other dealership. Now sit back and enjoy Mike’s story.

Here are his two dealerships and their locations:

Mike Murphy Ford of Darien



Located off exit 49 & I-95 in Darien GA.

13452 Ga Highway 251 Darien, GA 31305

Sales: (866) 483-8551

Service: (888) 708-8685

Parts: (888) 815-8426


Mike Murphy Kia of Brunswick



6150 Altama Avenue
Brunswick, GA 31525
Sales: (888) 364-2062

Service: (866) 702-9077

Parts: (866) 842-4154

233 VVN – Agent Orange Caustic Commentary

Delivering Agent Orange, Mack Payne, Vietgnam Veteran News

Agent Orange being delivered to the foliage in Vietnam.

Agent Orange is such a dirty stain on this country’s history we need to continue to be reminded of its terrible legacy. To this very day Vietnam Veterans are suffering from diseases related to Agent Orange.

It this episode a story is shared about a VVA Chapter (#1074) in West Virginia that held its first Agent Orange town hall meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to inform local veterans about Agent Orange and the services available to them to fight the dreaded effects of it.

Frank commentary on the subject is included in this podcast episode.



232 VVN – Bob Hope’s Vietnam Christmas Tours

232 VVN - Bob Hope's Vietnam Christmas Tours, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

The brass always managed to find Hope on stage somewhere, to thank him and his performers for bringing a bit of Christmas cheer to the troops

In this episode we will conclude the story of Bob Hope’s Vietnam Christmas Tours. The story takes off with the 1966 tour and takes it through the last tour in 1972 where the Hope show appeared more times out of Vietnam than in the country where it was winding down.

Bob Hope is a great American who deserves a great deal of gratitude for the wonderful things he did for his country.

231 VVN – Bob Hope’s 1965 Vietnam Christmas Tour

Joey Heatherton, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

Joey Heatherton dances the “Watusi” with a serviceman aboard USS Roosevelt during the 1965 tour.

In this episode we will continue the story of Bob Hope’s Vietnam Christmas Tours. The 1965 tour will be looked at in this episode. In that year troop levels increased eight-fold, to 180,000 from the time of his previous in 1964. With the increase in troops in the country, the audiences for his show grew accordingly, some were as large as 12,000.

The Bob Hope troupe encountered numerous difficulties during the 1965 tour but the show always went on to the delight of many lonely service personnel. These podcast episodes are in tribute to Bob Hope and his entertainers who braved difficult conditions to bring a little happiness to the troops of Vietnam.

230 VVN – Bob Hope’s Vietnam Christmas Tours

Bob Hope Vietnam Christmas Tours, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

Bob Hope was always the star and began each show by strutting on stage with his golf club, firing off jokes tailored to each base. And he always brought the outstanding glamour star from back home. On the 1967 tour, actress Raquel Welch joined Hope on stage to add a few crowd-pleasing dance moves to Bob’s rendition of “Dancin in the Streets.” (All photos: National Archives)

Bob Hope was a great American. In this episode a story about his Vietnam Christmas Tours will be shared. The story is by Judith Johnson from the historynet.com website. The story tells how Bob Hope organized his first Vietnam Christmas Tour in 1964.

Those Christmas tours brought happiness and a few entertaining moments to thousands of service personnel in Vietnam. This episode shows a little of the back office view of the tours.

229 VVN – Vietnam Vet Recalls Quality People He Served With

Mike Roddy, Mack Payne, Vietham Veteran News

Vietnam Vet Mike Roddy

One of the purposes of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast is to highlight members of the Vietnam War Generation which I always maintain is as great as any generation in our history.

In this episode we will look at the story of Vietnam Vet Mike Roddy. He served a thirty year career in the Army as an Ordnance officer. He arrived in Vietnam in January 1970 and stayed until April 1972. During that time he commanded a company in the 704th Maintenance Battalion and served as a staff officer at Long Binh among other things. He continued serving his country after he retired from the Army by working in defense industries.

228 VVN – Theater Owner Refuses to Show Fonda Movie

Ike Boutwell, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

Theater owner Ike Boutwell

Ike Boutwell is a Korean War Veteran and he owns movie theaters in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Recently he gained a little fame by refusing to show the movie “The Butler.” His beef with the movie was that it had Jane Fonda playing Nancy Reagan. This is an outrage to anyone who liked the Reagans and to most Vietnam Veterans who do not hold Ms. Fonda in a high regard. In fact, most Vietnam Veterans hold the woman in a very low regard.

In this episode Mr. Boutwell tells his story.

227 VVN – Interview With Janna Hoehn, Vietnam Vet’s Angel of Images

Janna Hoehn, Mack Payne. Vietnam Veteran News

Janna Hoehn at home in Hawaii with a some of the images of servicemen who died in Vietnam she has found.

In this episode Janna Hoehn tells about her work with the Faces Never Forgotten program. She had done an amazing job of finding images of those who fell in the Vietnam War.

In this episode, she will tell how she started by finding the image of one person who died in Vietnam and from there has gone on to obtain over 1200 pictures of fallen veterans from all over the nation. She will also describe the methods she has used to find these pictures.

She needs help in her mission of finding the remaining 18,000 pictures of all the 58,000 plus who died in Vietnam. She can be reached at neverforgotten2014@gmail.com and will inform you of everything you need to know to get to work finding pictures. Locating these photos can provide some of the most heartfelt rewards imaginable.

It is possible to go to the Wall of Faces website and determine if a particular name has an image. If the image is missing why don’t you try and locate the image and send it to the Faces Never Forgotten program.

Here is a direct link to the Wall of Faces website: CLICK HERE



226 VVN – Vietnam Vet Charles Bellizana Helps Other Vets


Charles Bellizana, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News Charles Bellizana is another member of that great generation who served in Vietnam. In this episode a story about him from the Houma Daily Courier by Kate Mabry is featured.

The article tells about the young man being drafted into the Army and sent over to a foreign land to fight a difficult war. He performed well and was awarded among other things a Bronze Star with V device for bravery and two Purple Hearts. When he came home he had to face the demons of combat. After putting those demons to rest he now helps other veterans cope.

Charles Bellizana is truly a great American.