051 VVN – Jane Bilello on Common Core

Jane Bilello, mack payne, asheville tea party, irs, voting rights, vietnam veteran news

Jane Bilello

This episode features the second part of the interview I did with Jane Bilello, Chairperson of the Asheville Tea Party. She will recount what her group is doing in the Common Core arena. If you are not fully aware of all the features of this government program being pushed on the states you will be amazed at what Jane will tell about exactly what the program aims to do and its dangerous aspects. She lays out a plan of action anyone can follow to stop the program in their state. More on the subject can be found on the website: ashevilleteaparty.org.

050 VVN – Ground Broken On Veterans Cemetery


In this episode we are going to take a look at another outstanding Vietnam Veteran, John Harrigan, and the wonderful things he is doing for veterans in his area. Recently a project he has been working on for six years has come to fruition. It is a veteran’s cemetery in Northern New Jersey. He had to get the help of state legislators to approve this non-profit burial ground on 66 donated acres. In the past the nearest veteran’s cemetery was two hours away in the southern part of the state. The article by Chris Wyman was published in The Advertiser Newsof Sparta, New Jersey. We salute Vietnam Vet John Harrigan.

New Jersey Veteran Cemetary, mack payne, veteran veteran news

Second from left, Vernon Township Vietnam War veteran John Harrigan is shown breaking ground at the new veteran’s cemetery on Route 94 in Sparta. At the far left is Vernon resident Vernoy Paolini, the President of the Northern New Jersey Veterans Memorial Cemetery (: Photo by Chris Wyman).

049 VVN – Jane Bilello of The Asheville Tea Party Battles For Honest Voting and the IRS

Jane Bilello, mack payne, asheville tea party, irs, voting rights, vietnam veteran news

Jane Bilello at the North Carolina State Capital.

Normally we only talk about Vietnam War related topics on this podcast but in this episode we will hear from someone fighting another war that is just as important to our country as the Vietnam deal in my view.

Jane Bilello, Chairperson of the Asheville Tea Party, tells an inspiring story in this episode. She describes what her group is doing to ferret out voter fraud and incompetence of election officials with the goal of insuring proper voting. The Asheville Tea Party under her leadership is proving to be the one of the most active grass-roots organizations in the country when it comes to insuring proper voting in elections at all levels.

Jane and her group is literally the point of the spear in the fight to insure proper voting which is the bulwark of our free society. The Asheville Tea Party and its efforts in the proper voting arena have been featured on CNN and NPR.

Anyone can learn more about what The Asheville Tea Party is doing and the “nuts and bolts” of insuring proper voting at the website voterintegrityproject.com

048 VVN – Larry Whitler Interview – WOCA


WOCA, Larry Whitler, Mack Payne, vietnam veteran news

Larry Whitler of WOCA Radio in Ocala, Florida was nice enough to interview me on his show. The main topic of the interview was this very podcast – Vietnam Veteran News. Larry has a regular feature on his program every Thursday when he talks about veteran issues. He was very interested in this podcast because it talks about issues of interest to Vietnam Veterans. He said he believes a podcast is an excellent way for Vietnam Veterans to keep up on relevant news.

It was a great interview but I must offer my apology for a short rough patch in the recording. Please be aware it is coming so ignore it and listen to the entire interview.

You are encouraged to listen to Larry’s program, especially on Thursdays. It is on every week day from 7 am to noon and you can easily stream it from any where in the world on their website www.woca.com.

047 VVN – Vietnam Vet John Bury and Agent Orange

John Bury, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

John Bury, Veterans Activist of Media, Pennsylvania

This episode will feature the continuation of my interview with John Bury. In the previous episode (# 046) John talked about his experiences on the USS Sacramento, AOE-1. Brace yourself, in this episode he will talk about what he has done since he retired from the Navy and his battle against his illnesses caused by Agent Orange.

His story is a compelling story of how the government can do things wrong. He has become one of the leading activists in the Nation in the fight to provide veterans with the assistance they deserve to deal with the terrible illnesses caused by a widely used chemical even though the government knew it was harmful to soldiers and anyone else who comes in contact with it.

You will be shocked by his revelations about the chemical and how our government is dealing or failing to deal with the problem. Citizens are asked by John to write to their congressional representatives and demand they do the right thing for the suffering veterans. Agent Orange is not limited to Vietnam Veterans. Its effects are being passed on to succeeding generation. Please go to the website covvha.com to learn more about the children of the next generation who are suffering from Agent Orange effects.


046 VVN – John Bury and the USS Sacramento (AOE-1)


In this episode we have the pleasure of hearing from John Bury who served aboard the USS Sacramento as it braved the dangerous waters off Vietnam during the conflict in that country. John gives us a very fascinating description of the vital role his ship played in the Vietnam War and illustrates how many Americans performed unsung but critical jobs over there. This episode is part one of John’s interview. In the next episode he will tell us about what he has done since the Vietnam War and about Agent Orange. Don’t miss it you will be amazed at what he has to say.

USS Sacramento, John Bury, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

USS Sacramento (AOE-1)

045 VVN – Mack Payne Speaks at Okeechobee Memorial Day Event 2014


On Memorial Day 2014, I spoke to the American Legion Ceremony held in Flagler Park to honor the fallen heroes of the nation. I spoke about my experiences in Vietnam and planned on recording my speech to include on the podcast. But sometimes things do not work out as planned and the recorder did not work. Not being one to let little things like that get in my way, I decided to record my speech in my recording studio. It works fine but there is no applause or cheers from the crowd. The primary purpose here is to convey the importance of honoring the memory of all those brave Americans who died in war to protect our freedoms by voting in every election.

mack payne, okeechobee, amrican legion, memorial day

Mack Payne speaks at the American Legion Memorial Day Ceremony at Okeechobee, Florida – 2014.

044 VVN – David Hine Remembers


This episode looks at what one Air Force Veteran of the Vietnam War is doing to help remember Vietnam Veterans from Indiana who died in that war. David Hine of Greenfield, Indiana has started this project to honor the memory of his fellow Hoosiers. He would appreciate any assistance from friends and relatives. He can be reached at his email address – hoosierfaces@attnet.

David Hine, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

David Hine talks about his project to collect photos of Hoosiers who lost their lives in the Vietnam War.

043 VVN – Transportation Corps Remembers

Transportation Corps Remembers, vietnam veteran news, mack w payne

U.S. Army Soldiers render a final salute to fallen Transportation Corps Soldiers during a Memorial Wall Rededication Ceremony at Fort Eustis, Va., May 21, 2014. The Memorial Wall is located in the Transportation Corps Memorial Chapel at Fort Eustis, and is inscribed with 1,972 names of Army transporters who gave their lives in the defense of freedom in conflicts ranging from the Vietnam War to Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom. (Photo by Staff Sgt. Katie Gar Ward)

This episode is devoted to honoring members of the US Army Transportation Corps who have died in combat. Too often the contributions of support services like the Transportation Corps are overlooked. In this episode an article from the Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System by Staff Sergeant Katie Ward is highlighted. It is titled: Transportation Corps pays tribute to fallen Soldiers and describes a ceremony at Fort Eustis, Virginia where fallen soldiers of the Transportation Corps are honored.

042 VVN – Atrocities at VA Medical Centers

John Bury, vietnam veteran news

: John Bury, Veterans Activist of Media, Pennsylvania

In this episode an article by John Bury in salem-news.com is discussed about the current VA Medical care situation will be discussed. It has recently been discloses that dozens of veterans have been apparently allowed to die by denying them needed medical treatment. Veteran groups are understandably upset with this development and are demanding action be taken to correct this unbelievable situation. It is discouraging to see the country make a big deal about the veterans on Memorial Day while at the same time the VA is failing in their mission to care for ailing veterans. Let’s hope that the right things will be done for our brave veterans.