266VVN – New Jersey College Promotes Veterans Education

Thomas Edison State College Promo, mack payne, vietnam veteran news

Brad Brezinski, Thomas Edison State College ’04 graduate, on set of the Comcast PSA that he starred in highlighting the school’s veterans education program. (Joe Guzzardo Communications Director at Thomas Edison State College)

Whenever you stop learning your start dying. Thomas Edison State College at Trenton, New Jersey has a program that will help veterans keep living by helping them to keep learning.

In this episode we will be looking at an article from The Times of Trenton by Brielle Urciuoli titled: “Thomas Edison State College teams with Comcast to promote veteran education program.” It tells about the College teaming up with Vietnam Veterans of America and the National Veteran Business Development Council to produce two public service announcements to encourage veterans to further their education.

The College has a great program where they give college credit for military experience and they make it possible for veterans to attend college classes off campus.

Get more information from Louis Martini, director of Thomas Edison’s Office of Military and Veteran education. (609) 777-5696 militaryeducation@tesc.edu

265VVN – The Tough Story of Elmo Russell Zumwalt II, III and IV

Elmo Russell Zumwalt III and II, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

Elmo Russell Zumwalt III and II

Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt was in charge of Operation Ranch Hand in Viet Nam. Operation Ranch Hand managed the application of 22 million gallons of the “rainbow defoliants” sprayed on Vietnam and parts of Laos and Cambodia. Included in the hundreds of thousands of Vietnam Veterans and indigenous peoples who died or suffer from diseases as a result are Admiral Zumwalt’s son and grandson.

This episode features the obituary of Elmo R. Zumwalt III which tells the sad and ironic story of the Zumwalts.

264VVN – Anthony B. Herbert was a Controversial Vietnam Vet

Anthony B. Herbert, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

Anthony B. Herbert in 1971 after he charged Army officers with ignoring war crimes in Vietnam. (AP)

In this episode the life of Anthony B. Herbert is examined. An article in the Washington Post by obituary writer Matt Schudel titled: Anthony B. Herbert, key figure in Vietnam war-crimes controversy, dies.

He was famous for his exploits in battle and the courts of law and public opinion. Schudel’s article does a good job of describing his life. Listen to the podcast to get the whole story.

263VVN – Oakland Writer Studies North Vietnamese Vets

Kevin Levin, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

Author and Navy Vietnam veteran Kevin Levin talks to members of the local Military Officers Association of America Thursday about his trip to Vietnam to interview with Vietnamese veterans about what it was like on their side of the war. (Ian Thompson/Daily Republic)

Retired Navy Vietnam veteran Kevin Levin has written a book titled: “The Many Deaths of Comrade Binh: Tales from the Vietnam War.” It is a collection of short stories that tells both sides of the Vietnam War. To make sure he got accurate view points from the opposition forces he returned to Vietnam to interview Viet Cong and Vietnamese army veterans, learning about the war from their perspective.

In this episode an article in the Daily Republic in Fairfield, California by Ian Thompson titled: Oakland author, vet talks about researching Vietnamese side of war is featured. The event described in the article is Levin speaking to a meeting at Paradise Valley Estates of the Solano County chapter of the Military Officers Association of America.

Get a copy of Kevin’s book by clicking on the book image.

Kevin Levin's Book, vietnam veteran news, mack payne


262VVN – A Day Of Remembrance At The Vietnam War Memorial in Parker County, Texas

262VVN - A Day Of Remembrance At The Vietnam War Memorial in Parker County, Texas, mack payne, vietnam veteran news, weatherford, TX, American Legion Post 163

Pictured here is just one of the aircraft that was part of the Squadron, the 19th Air Commandos that Waldon was attached to. The name was changed in July to the 19th Special Ops Squadron. Jerry Walden Courtesy photo

This is a follow up episode to episode #246 that chronicled the Day of Remembrance Program on May 9, being conducted by the Parker County, Texas American Legion Post 163 in Weatherford. The Post Adjutant, Ron Chandler is running the program. Lance Winter a writer for the Weatherford Star-Telegram will be publishing a series of stories from Parker County soldiers of the Vietnam era leading up to the event that will be held at the Parker County Vietnam War Memorial. For more information on the event contact Lance Winter at 817-594-9902, ext. 102 or go by his office at 112 S. Main in Weatherford.
Listen to this episode and hear the stories of Parker County Vietnam Vets James Young and Jerry Walden.

261VVN – The VA is Killing Off Vietnam Veterans

Palo Alto VA Medical Center, mack payne, vietnam veteran news

Palo Alto VA Medical Center

Too often the VA declares Vietnam Veterans dead while they are still alive. In this episode the situation will be examined by looking at an article from the Fort Bragg Advocate-News by Pacifica Tribune correspondent Jean Bartlett. The article tells the story of Vietnam Vet David Hardcastle who served with the 9th Infantry Division being declared dead by the VA.

This is no laughing matter and occurs too many times. Listen to the podcast and discover how to handle the situation if it happens to you.

260VVN – Air Force Vietnam Vet Ray Sestak Shows How Its Done

Ray Sestak Leading a Parade, mack payne, vietnam veteran news, ray sestak

Ray Sestak of Glenmont, a Patriot Guards member, sits on his motorcycle during a street festival on May 31 in Albany, New York. (Michael P. Farrell / Times Union Archive)

For a long time there was a common perception that Vietnam Veterans were a bunch of pathetic losers, baby killers and thugs to spat upon. That is not true and in this episode I will share an article from the Times Union in Albany, New York by Terry Brown that will tell the real story about an Air Force Vietnam Veteran.

The veteran is Ray Sestak of Glenmont, NY who received an award for service to his community. Listen to this episode and see what Vietnam Veterans are really like.

259 VVN – Americans duped about Vietnam War

"Ride The Thunder", mack payne, vietnam veteran news

Scene from the movie “Ride the Thunder”: Marines in Vietnam

This episode of Vietnam Veteran News is one of the most inspiring and important ever published. An article from wnd.com by Chelsea Schilling titled: Movie deals death blow to vicious lies about Vietnam is shared.

Schilling talks about the movie “Ride The Thunder” produced by writer and Executive Producer Richard Botkin and Producer Fred Koster who take a provocative look at the Vietnam War and the troops who fought it. The case is made in the movie that we did the right thing by going there to stem the rising tide of communism in Southeast Asia.

They also maintain the soldiers who fought in that war were as great as any generation from this country called to fight in a war. Their performance in the challenging war has been unfairly sullied by lying news media and politicians resulting in the failure of the country to show the requisite amount of appreciation for a job well done to that generation.

The movie also maintained that Americans are the good guys in the world today and truly is an exceptional country.

Also, in closing please take note that I stated the Dan Rather documentary program “The Wall Within” was aired in 1998 in the podcast rather than 1988, the correct date. And speaking of Dan Rather, he reportedly joined the National Guard to avoid military service in the Korean War. When Dan Quail was running for vice-president Rather tore him to pieces for enlisting in the National Guard to avoid going to Vietnam.

258 VVN – Teacher honors Vietnam War Veterans


Craig Blackman Award Winning Teacher, mack payne, vietnam veteran news, craig blackman, indian river high school

Craig Blackman, a history teacher at Indian River High School in Chesapeake, Virginia has been awarded the Veterans of Foreign Wars Teacher of the Year Award for the work he’s done teaching high school students about the Vietnam War and its fallen heroes. He won the award for a project he set up for his students to research the stories of 25 fallen Chesapeake soldiers killed in the Vietnam War. In addition to helping the students learn more about the war it turned out to give some of those families closure and respect.

We salute Craig Blackman for a job well done.

257 VVN – Zumwalt Class Destroyers are here

257 VVN - Zumwalt Class Destroyers are here, mack payne, vietnam veteran news. elmo zumwalt, destroyers

MOST ADVANCED US Navy DDG 1000 Zumwalt Class Destroyer

In this episode we are going to look at a new class of US Navy destroyers. They are featured here because they are so different from what we are used to seeing. This new type of warships are called the Zumwalt Class Destroyers and therein lies a connection to Vietnam Vets. Admiral Elmo Zumwalt was in charge of Operation Ranch Hand. Most Vietnam Vets are aware that Operation Ranch Hand managed the process of spraying over 20 million gallons of a toxic defoliant on the lands of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia that resulted in the death and broken health of millions of people.

The design of this new class of destroyers verify the old saying “all that goes around – comes around.” The new design incorporates the naval architecture feature known as tumblehome which was used extensively in warship designs back in the 1880’s. Hope they live up to expectations in our modern time.