207 VVN – Montagnards Seek Asylum

Montagnard, mack payne, vietnam veteran news

Montagnard asylum seekers hiding out in Cambodia

A group of Montagnards are seeking political asylum in neighboring Cambodia. In this episode an article is featured about the group of asylum seekers finally getting to plead their case before a UN representative.

The Montagnards are a sad offshoot of the Vietnam War. They sided with the Americans and proved to be loyal and effective allies. Unfortunately after the Americans left and later after the North Vietnamese took over the country the Montagnards suffered at the hands of their new government.

206 VVN – Faces of the Wall Project Gains Momentum


The Education Center, mack payne, vietnam veteran news

The Education Center will place soldiers’ Vietnam service within the historical continuum of all those who have served in American conflicts.
Rendering by Ralph Appelbaum Associates

This episode is a follow up to episode #201 and gives more information about the Face of the Wall Project that is attempting to obtain a picture of all the Vietnam Veterans whose names appear on the Wall Memorial.

In this episode Jim and Tom Reece of Wilmington, North Carolina describe how they got involved in the project after they wanted to know more about one of their classmates who was killed in Vietnam. They have gone on to find hundreds of photos.

Janna Hoehn is also mentioned in the episode as she describes how she got involved in the Project and is now actively seeking photos.

Everyone is encouraged to assist in the effort to locate pictures of all the 53,000 veterans whose name is on the wall.

Here is a direct link to the Wall of Faces website:   CLICK HERE

If you have pictures to submit or have questions about the program from someone who is actively working on the project, contact Janna Hoehn by email at>>> neverforgotten2014@gmail.com

205 VVN – College of the Ozarks to start Vietnam Memorial

Missouri Vietnam Veterans Memorial

A rendering of the Missouri Vietnam Veterans Memorial at College of the Ozarks in Point Lookout.

College of the Ozarks located in Point lookout, Missouri is breaking ground on a Vietnam Veterans Memorial. It is funded by a grant from the Big Cedar Lodge Legends of Golf PGA Champions Tour, presented by Bass Pro Shops. The State of Missouri is designating it as the official Vietnam War Memorial for the state.

College of the Ozarks has a vision “to develop citizens of Christ-like character who are well-educated, hard-working, and patriotic.” It sounds like an ideal location for a Vietnam War Memorial that honors the more than 1,400 Missourians who served and died in the Vietnam War.

The memorial was designed by an alumnus of the College and it will be constructed by students and faculty of the College. Point Lookout is located near Branson, Missouri so if you are a Vietnam Veteran attending a show in Branson why don’t you go down and visit the Memorial.

204 VVN – Facts and Details about John Kerry

John Kerry

US Secretary of State John Forbes Kerry

In this episode I will share with you the facts and details of the life of none other than John Forbes Kerry the current Secretary of State and Vietnam Veteran. You may remember he adopted some rather extreme anti-war opinions after his service in Vietnam.

He ran for president against George W. Bush in 2004 and was trounced by Mr. Bush. It was in that election campaign that a group of his fellow Navy Vietnam Veterans called into question some of his claims he made earlier in his Vietnam protest phase. It must have made an impression on the electorate.

I did not agree with his opinions of the Vietnam War but I wish him the best as a fellow Vietnam Veteran on his current position as Secretary of State.


203 VVN – Ernest Brace, Civilian POW in Vietnam Passes Away

Ernest Brace Released

Adm. Noel Gayler, right, greeted Ernest Brace in March 1973 on his release as a prisoner of war

In this episode we acknowledge the passing of Ernest Brace. He has the distinction of being the longest held civilian POW in the Vietnam War. He was held by the North Vietnamese for almost eight years. Another claim to fame by Mr. Brace is that for several years he was in the cell next to Navy flier John McCain who later became a US Senator from the state of Arizona.

Brace was a Marine pilot in the Korean War where he earned a Distinguished Flying Cross. He had a checkered past and was flying for a CIA contractor in Laos when he was captured by Laotian Communist rebels who turned him over to the North Vietnamese. This episode gives more details of Mr. Brace’s story.

202 VVN – Canadian Senate Action Riles up Vietnamese


"You should learn from your competitor, but never copy. Copy and you die." Jack Ma


The Canadian Senate does not seem to be too worried about political correctness. They are on the verge of passing a bill that would recognize April 30 as a national day to commemorate the exodus of Vietnamese refugees after the fall of Saigon to North Vietnamese communist forces.

This move has greatly disturbed the government of Vietnam. They claim this would be highly injurious to relations between the two countries.

In this episode I share an article from McLean’s magazine where the arguments of both sides are aired. I commend the Canadian Senate for their willingness to declare the truth about the history of Vietnam.

McLean’s is a cool magazine. If you would like to subscribe and receive lots of informative articles about Canada, they are running a special where you can get 22 issues of Maclean’s for $20 and receive a bonus gift! Click here.


201 VVN – Jacksonville, FL Supporting the Vietnam Wall of Faces


Vietnam Wall of Faces

In this episode we look at an article from the Jacksonville Florida Times Union newspaper submitted by Clifford Davis. Davis tells about the efforts of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund to locate pictures of residents of Duval County who were killed in Vietnam. The pictures will be added to the Wall of Faces Memorial for Americans killed in Vietnam. It will be adjacent to the Wall Memorial in Washington, DC in an underground 30,000 sf education center.

The education center will be financed by donations from the public. The government will not contribute to the cost of the project other than providing space for the building to be constructed underground. It had to be underground because organizers were not allowed to obstruct the view of the Mall with their education center

Anyone can contribute to this project by going to the website vvfm.org or by calling Clifford Davis at (904) 359-4103.

You can also help search for Duval County servicemen’s missing photos. If you can help, contact Clifford.

They include:

Ruben C. Alston, Walter H. Anslow, David L. Arnold, Howard R. Baker, Ronald K. Battle, Joseph W. Benedict, Howard L. Britt, Herman F. Brown, Larry Brown, Benjamin F. Brown Jr., Samuel Bruce Jr., Louis Brunson, Leonard W. Burns, Earlie J. Butler Jr., Nathaniel Byrd, Henry T. Cannon and Ronald L. Chisholm.

Loye T. Christmas, Isaac N. Clark, James Coleman Jr., Alphonso d. Cowan, James L. Craig Jr., Alvin Cullins, Kenneth L. Delaney, James D. Dillon, Thomas L. Dukes, Leroy Everett, John H. Franks, Willie J. Fryer, Byron A. Gaines Jr., David A. Gallion, Clyde W. Ganzy, William R. Gast and Henry L. Geddis. Jr.

Carl T. General, Otis Gordon Jr., Carl C. Harless, Roger P. Harrell, Rodney C. Harris, Jimmie L. Harvin, Robert L. Hatcher, Leon Henderson, Harold J. Herring, Wilbur L. Hicks, Ralph J. Hitchcock, William R. Hodge, Arthur W. Hunt III and Lucious Hutchins.

Eddie L. Jackson, Gerald A. Jackson, Thornton I. Jackson, Andrew E. Jenkins, Jasper L. Jennings, Sherman L. Jones, Jimmie E. Keith, James H. King, Lafon W. Ladson, Lee M. Lambert and Ernest A. Lang.

Billy E. Lawrence, Joe L. Lee, George Lee Jr., Joe Lewis, Richmond R. Luce, Raymond M. Maninger, Arthur Manos, Wayne O. Martin, Fred J. McClain and Titus McKinnon Jr.

David V. McLeod Jr., Clarence S. Miller, Earnest L. Miller, Richard W. Miller, Curtis Mitchell, Lloyd J. Monsewicz, Jerrel C. Morton, Lawrence D. Mungin III, Toney Nelson Jr., Stanley H. Newman, Lewis R. Noble and Charles R. O’Steen.

Harold E. Owens, Bennett H. Owens Jr., Fred H. Paddleford, Glover A Peeler III, Richard J. Petrie, Joseph H. Pierce Jr., Johnnie E. Powell, Richard T. Priddy, Oscar E. Ratliff, Thomas H. Ratliff, Talmadge Rhoden, Lester L. Roberts, Wayne L. Roberts, Roy J. Rogers and Robert T. Rohweller.

Dewey D. Ruis Jr., Randolph Sampson, Luther M. Sexton Jr., Gary C. Shafer, Jackie E. Shubert, William R. Silver, Bernard A. Smalls, Charles M. Smith, Lloyd H. Smith, Otis T. Smith, Robert J. Smith, Joseph F. Smith Jr., Leroy Spencer Jr., Joseph J. Steimbach, Ralph C. Stewart, Walter S. Strahan, James C. Tarrance and Morgan Thompson.

John G Traver III, Louis W. Travers, Robert E. Tyner, Kenneth W. West, Alexander Williams, Frank C. Williams, Lamar L. Williams, Leroy C. Williams, Frank W. Williams Jr., Johnnie L. Williams Jr., Raymond W. Wilson, Jack L. Wolfe and Vernon L. Yarber

200 VVN – Bruce DeYoung – Marine Recon Tells His Story

Bruce DeYoung

Bruce DeYoung Marine Recon in Vietnam

In this 200th episode of Vietnam Veteran News Marine Recon team member, Bruce DeYoung of St George, Utah tells his story of duty in Vietnam with the Marines and later with the US Army Special Forces. He also touches on the personal demons he had to deal with after the war.

His story reminds us of the greatness of the Vietnam War generation.


199 VVN – Vietnam Vet Edwin Franklin Tubbs Remembered

Private Edwin Franklin Tubbs

Members of the Vietnam Veterans Legacy Motorcycle Club presented a flag and plaque to the family of Private Edwin F. Tubbs during a ceremony to name the West Chestnut Street Bridge in Coudersport in his honor.

In this episode you will hear the story of how a Pennsylvania community is paying tribute to one of its citizens who died in the Vietnam War. Private Edwin Franklin Tubbs, a native of Coudersport, was killed in action during a fire fight as he bravely helped three wounded companions get to safety.

The West Chestnut Street Bridge in Coudersport, PA was dedicated to his memory at a recent ceremony attended by sixty people that included family, friends and many local and state officials.

Tubbs’ family was presented a flag and plaque by members of the Vietnam Veterans Legacy Motorcycle Club, whose members stated they ride for those who could not ride with them due to being killed in action or taken prisoner in Vietnam.

Tubbs is located on Panel 35W, Line 79 on the Vietnam Memorial Wall. The Wall of Faces is can be viewed at the website www.vvmf.org.

198 VVN – VA Reforms Opinion


VAIn this episode we will look in on the VA Health Care situation via an opinion piece by Rick Christie who writes for the Palm Beach Post. He reviewed what has happened with the VA over the last six months starting with the revelations about the abuses occurring at the Phoenix VA hospital. It is alleged by some that paper work shenanigans practiced by hospital management resulted in the death of 40 veterans awaiting care.

The new VA Chief Robert McDonald is on a mission to whip the 300,000 VA employees of the into shape. Congress reacted to the VA flap by throwing a few billion more dollars into the pot but what Rick Christie says needs to be done is more oversight by Congress on the actions of the VA and their insistence on better results.

That means we have to stay on Congress to insist they do their job to insure proper health care for our veterans.