145 VVN – Larry F. Freeman Gets Silver Star for Vietnam Service

Larry F. Freeman Awarded Silver Star, Vietnam Veteran News, Mack Payne

Vietnam veteran receives Silver star 48 years later(Photo: Kendall Morris)

Larry F. Freeman of Pulaski, Virginia was recently awarded a Silver Star for his service in Vietnam after a 48 year delay. The medal was pinned on his chest by Lt. Col. Howard Lavy, U.S. Army (Ret), a fellow member of the 1/27 Inf (Wolfhounds), 25th Inf Div at a reunion of fellow Wolfhounds at Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

The reason for the 48 year delay is the same old tired excuse “the paperwork was delayed.” But it really doesn’t matter because Larry Freeman is just as much of a hero today as he was 48 years ago.

This story is courtesy of WBIR, dateline Gatlinburg, Tennessee by ace reporter – Kendall Morris.

144 VVN – Knoxville Building Housing for Veterans

Helen Ross McNabb Center Project, mack payne, vietnam veteran news

Crews are working on nearly two dozen apartments for veterans as part of a new supportive housing project by Helen Ross McNabb Center Project.

The United Way and The Helen Ross McNabb Center are teaming up to provide housing for Vietnam Veterans who need help. This is a privately funded operation with little or no help from the government. The program will provide 23 new apartments just for veterans in Knoxville.

There is still a need for $75,000 to finish up the project. They are looking for donations to get the job completed so the veterans can start moving in by December. If you would like to donate to this worthy cause click here.

Veterans should help their fellow veterans who have fallen on hard times so please donate what you can.

This story came from WATE, Channel 6 in Knoxille. It was provided by Laura Halm,6 News Reporter.


143 VVN – Restaurant Removes Red Star

Bahn Shop, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

Banh Shop in Dallas, Texas

Yum Brands, owner of such favorites as KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell has pulled a real bonehead marketing move. Specifically they put a communist symbol on the logo of a new restaurant serving the Vietnamese Community in the greater Dallas, Texas area. That symbol was a five-pointed red star that highly offended the sizable Vietnamese community in that area.

One of those citizens, Cung Nhat Thanh, President of the Vietnamese-American Community of Greater Dallas was so incensed that someone would stick a communist symbol in the face of a people who risked life and limb to escape the communist government who took over their country he took action.

He presented a petition with hundreds of signatures to the Yum Brands company asking that they modify the logo. Yum Brands folded like a cheap tent and agreed to remove the offensive red star.

Listen to the whole story in this episode.

142 VVN – Students Honor Vietnam Vets

Students Honor Vietnam Vets, Vietnam Veteran News, Mack Payne

Newnan High School juniors and seniors in Steve Quesinberry’s Vietnam War class were distinguished guests at the Georgia Capitol Thursday for a ceremony honoring those still MIA from the Vietnam War. From left are, front, Aaron Sweatman, Christian Hayes, Sam Diaz, Patricia Sheppard, Laura Beth Dawson, Macie Fleming, Hailey Seay, Laura Robinson, Courtney Griffin. Directly behind are Caleb Schenk and Anna Haydon.

Steve Quesinberry, a teacher at Newnan High School in Newnan, Georgia took his class to the Georgia Capital where they were distinguished guests at the Georgia State Capitol for a ceremony honoring those who are still missing in action from the Vietnam War.

In this episode the story of that event is shared. It is a confirmation that the youth of this country are learning about the Vietnam War and are willing to honor the veterans of that difficult time in our history.

141 VVN – President Obama and the Latte Salute


President Obama Latte Salute, Vietnam Veteran News

President Obama saluting his Marine escort as he exited the presidential helicopter in New York.

Recently President Obama was captured on video exiting the presidential helicopter while saluting the Marine escort with a Styrofoam cup in his right hand. Depending on your politics and your opinion of the man that sight will elicit differing reactions.

Most Military personnel including a good many Vietnam Veterans did not react kindly to the CIC’s method of rendering a salute. It is one of those acts that is on its face value a small thing but in the larger scheme of things a gigantic insult to the nation and its brave veterans.

Of course with this man, such actions are not surprising considering his attitude that this country is not exceptional and needs to be changed into what he considers it should be. That is frightening considering his opinions were formed as he was raised by left leaning parents and influenced by their views and by those of a host of like thinking mentors.

The most important we all can do now is get down on our knees and pray to God for forgiveness and that he will save this country.

140 VVN – John Hosier’s Vietnam Odyssey

John Hosier, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

John Hosier setting up his “Through the Eyes” traveling Vietnam Museum.

In this episode Vietnam Vet John Hosier tells his compelling story that includes what led him to enter the US Army, his exciting job in the Vietnam war, his battles with PTSD, his humanitarian work in Vietnam after the war and his “Through the Eyes” traveling Vietnam Museum.


Before you listen to John’s story be warned you better have a box of tissues nearby. The stories he is going to share with you will probably bring tears to your eyes.

John is very interested in healing. That is the primary reason he has taken on the gargantuan task of taking his traveling museum to every state in the Union save Alaska. The museum displays hundreds of Vietnam War photos he took himself as a combat photographer and thousands of authentic relics from that war. Thousands of veterans have been positively affected by John’s displays.

All Vietnam Veterans and all others with an interest in that war should visit John’s traveling museum. To find out where and when it will be appearing Call John at 636-293-1105 or email him at vietnamera@yhahoo.com

139 VVN – Vietnam Veterans Getting Their Due

President Obama Awarding CMH To Bernie G. Adkins, Vietnam Veteran News, Mack Payne

President Obama awarding CMOH to CSM Bernie G. Adkins

There was an article in the Daily News of Bowling Green, Kentucky titled: Vietnam Veterans Finally Get Their Due. It told about two Vietnam Veterans receiving the Congressional Medal of Honor. One was Cmd Sgt. Maj. Bernie G. Adkins and the other was Army Spec. Donald P. Sloat. Sloat was awarded his medal posthumously.

The theme of the article is after all these years that have passed since the war ended in 1973 the nation is belatedly coming around to recognizing the tremendous job all those brave Americans accomplished in that misguided effort to do something good for the world. That effort was to stop the spread of Communism which was and still is a hideous scourge of humanity.

138 VVN – Vietnam Vet Jessie Lee Tell His Story

155mm Artillery in Vietnam, Mack Payne, Jessie Lee, Vietnam Veteran News

155 mm Artillery in Vietnam.

Jessie Lee of Quincy, Florida was a Vietnam Veteran who spent his entire tour in country literally out on the firing line mostly with 2/11 Field Artillery(155mm Towed). In this episode he tells about his life out in the field as a member of the 101st Airborne Division as an artilleryman providing support for the infantry.

He describes everything from how he had to outrun falling mortar shells to the food out at the firebases. Jessie’s story gives a close-up view life in the trenches. He did not have the luxury of spending half his tour back in the rear area as many did. He was in the field from day one to his last days except for a short spell in the 85th Evac Hospital back at Phu Bai due to a hand injury.

Sit back and enjoy Jessie’s story as he presents real live history.

137 VVN – Chuck Searcy’s Vietnam Mission

Chuck Searcy, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

Chuck Searcy

Chuck Searcy is a Vietnam Veteran on a mission. In this episode I will share an AP article by Lee Shearer. It tells about Chuck Searcy and what he is doing to help reduce the deaths and injuries suffered by innocent Vietnamese civilians. These misfortunes are caused by millions of cluster bomb bomblets that remain after the heavy bombing of Quang Tri Province near the former DMZ between the two countries of North and South Vietnam at that time.

The article was written while Chuck was on a brief visit to his home in Athens, Georgia. He had returned to recharge his batteries and collect contributions for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund which contributes much to Project Renew which is run by the Vietnamese.

More information is available at the following address: Athens Banner-Herald, http://www.onlineathens.com


136 VVN – Where Is Congress When It Matters?


Agent Orange Activist, John J. Bury of Media, PA has written another article related to the Agent Orange Situation. In this latest article he is pointing out how Congress seems to be taking too many vacations and not spending the necessary time necessary to take care of business including passing HR-543 the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Agent Orange Act.

John Bury, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

John Bury, Veterans Activist of Media, Pennsylvania

You are urged to contact you Congressperson and ask them to support this needed legislation – HR-543.