135 VVN – Christopher Hitchens Takes on Agent Orange

Christopher Hitchens, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

Christopher Eric Hitchens (13 April 1949 – 15 December 2011) was a British-American author.

Recently, I was reminded firsthand about the terrible after effects of Agent Orange and all the other rainbow named agents when I met a Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veteran. A few years ago he began to contract several diseases that have been listed as caused by Agent Orange.

The late Christopher Hitchens who a prolific writer contributed an article to Vanity Fair titled: The Vietnam Syndrome. It was about his take on the Agent Orange situation and describes the sorry story in a different way. The article tells how it affected people at all levels including Admiral Elmo Zumwalt himself. You may remember he was in charge of Operation Ranch Hand which was the dispensing authority of Agent Orange in Vietnam.

For the sake of all veterans suffering from Agent Orange diseases ask you congress person to support HR-543.

134 VVN – VA Acts to Improve VA Healthcare

VA Spending, Vietnam Veteran News, Mack Payne

VA Increasing Spending For Medical Personnel

In this episode an article by Jennifer Hlad for the Stars and Stripes is highlighted. The title of the article is: VA announces boost to pay scales for doctors, dentists and it describes what new Secretary of Veterans Affairs Bob McDonald is doing to attract more highly qualified medical personnel to the VA Medical Health Care System.

133 VVN – Richard Nixon and The Paris Peace Accords

Vietnam Staging Area, Vietnam Veteran News, Mack Payne

Staging area in Laos or Cambodia, 1969..

This episode will close out our look at the history of the Vietnam War. An article, Battlefield Vietnam: A Brief History by Professor Robert K. Brigham of Vassar College was examined to point out the salient events beginning with World War II all the way up to the overrunning of the South by the North Vietnamese.

The main reason for this series of episodes about the history of the war was to remind us all of the course of events that resulted in many Americans dying for a cause to stem the tide of a bankrupt theory known as Communism. The sad reality is that Communism will eventually fall of its own accord because it is unworkable in the long run. Trying to stop it with wars only exacerbates a terrible aberration thrust upon the world by those misguided dopes Marx and Engles.


132 VVN – Vietnam War History – The Home Front and Tet

Vietnam War Protesters, Vietnam Veteran News, Mack Payne

Protest march in Washington D.C., early 1970s.

In this episode we get back to the history of the Vietnam War by looking at an article by Professor Robert K. Brigham, Vassar College titled: Battlefield Vietnam: A Brief History. So far we have covered the early influences of World War II when Ho Chi Minh was an ally of the US. Then on to the return of the French and their departure from Indo-China and The US picking up the gauntlet and continuing the fight against the spread of Communism.

Now we are looking at what was going on in the home front in the USA and the anti-war sentiment. We will also take a look at the Tet Offensive of 1968 and its consequences.

131 VVN – Vietnam Vet Mack Payne Speaks to the Patriots

Mississippi Tea Party, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

Mississippi Tea Party Meeting.

In this episode I will be taking a short break from the Vietnam War history series. Recently I had the privilege of speaking to the Mississippi Tea Party in Jackson, Mississippi. Regardless of your politics I wanted you to hear my comments about my views of lessons learned from the Vietnam War.

In my speech I use some of my experiences to illustrate how things way back then still to this day teach us lessons at all levels. That includes at the personal level all the way up to the highest levels of our government.

I have spoken at dozens of Tea Party meetings and find all of them to be composed of wonderful, average, everyday citizens who are only trying to maintain the greatness of the USA and do not deserve some of the insane criticism they are receiving.

Hope you enjoy my speech.

130 VVN – The Gulf of Tonkin Incident Relook

Battleship Firing, vietnam veteran news, mack payne

Battleship firing its main guns.

This episode will be a continuation of the article by Professor Robert K. Brigham of Vasser College titled Battlefield Vietnam: A Brief History. Here will be a relook at the Gulf of Tonkin incident and the tremendous repercussions that resulted from it.

Those repercussions led to the deaths of millions of people. It is important to know the past to keep it from repeating.


129 VVN – Vietnam War History – President Diem

Buddist Monks, vietnam veteran news, mack payne

Buddhist Monks in Vietnam

This episode will be a continuation of the article by Professor Robert K. Brigham of Vasser College titled Battlefield Vietnam: A Brief History. In it we will be introduced to the first President of the newly created country South Vietnam Ngo Dinh Diem.

According to the writer, President Diem made a big mess of everything. He got everyone in the country riled up at him and managed to suck us into the war. That’s only my opinion. You will have to decide for yourself.

128 VVN – Vietnam War History Perspectives

Vietnam Veteran News, Mack Payne

Special Forces in Vietnam during the early days.

To prevent recommitting the mistakes of the past it is important to study the past. In this episode we will take a look at how the history of Vietnam developed in the 1950’s. That was the time that the battle fields of destiny were plowed.

Professor Robert K. Brigham of Vasser College wrote an article titled Battlefield Vietnam: A Brief History that lays out the events leading up to our entry into the punch bowl of history. It is easy to read and clearly points out the mistakes that took us down the slippery slope that resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands Americans either thru direct combat loses or via the insidious Agent Orange diseases.

127 VVN – Saigon Winning Economic Prizes

Saigon Skyline, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

Commercial and residential buildings stand illuminated at night in Saigon, Vietnam.
Photographer: Brent Lewin/Bloomberg

In this episode we are going to take a look at an article that tells how the city of Saigon and the southern part of Vietnam is leading the way economically for the country. It is a little ironic in more ways than one that this poor devastated area of Southeast Asia has in the long run won the war. A war that ravaged it for so many years.

Another irony is its success in demonstrating how freedom is the best way to go not only for the blessings of liberty but also for its tendency to encourage economic grow which is definitely a blessing for all.

The story brings out a sobering reality for us here in the USA. We do better when there is less government.

This story came from Bloomberg News by Jason Folkmanis and Nguyen Dieu Tu Uyen.

To contact the reporters on this story: Jason Folkmanis in Ho Chi Minh City at folkmanis@bloomberg.net; Nguyen Dieu Tu Uyen in Hanoi at uyen1@bloomberg.net

To contact the editors responsible for this story: Adam Majendie at adammajendie@bloomberg.net James Hertling


126 VVN – Earl “Dusty Trimmer Authors Gripping Book About Vietnam War

Earl "Dusty" Trimmer, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

: Earl “Dusty” Trimmer’s new book ‘Condemned Property? Our Most Unpopular War Continues for Americans Who Fought in Vietnam…Why?’ takes a raw and blunt look at the Vietnam War

In this episode I am going to tell you about Vietnam Vet Earl “Dusty” Trimmer and the book he has written about his Vietnam experiences. The Title of his book is Condemned Property? Our Most Unpopular War Continues for Americans Who Fought in Vietnam…Why?. It has the familiar theme of the uncaring attitude the Nation has toward Vietnam Veterans both in appreciation for their service and lack of proper medical treatment for maladies caused by service in Vietnam.

The book has received many outstanding reviews and if you want a candid look at the life of a front line infantryman in Vietnam you will do yourself a favor by getting a copy and reading it as soon as you can.

More about the book: http://www.condemnedpropertybook.com

Buy the book: http://amzn.to/1rO4vhQ

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