038 VVN – Kelley Ray Interview on KBLU, Yuma, AZ


Kelley Ray, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran NewsThis episode features an interview I did with Kelley Ray, Show Host at KBLU in Yuma , Arizona. The Show Host, Kelley did a great job of guiding the conversation so I would talk about both a controversial topic involving Walter Cronkite and one with a lighter tone about how Richard Petty made an appearance in my book Vietnam Veteran Memoirs. This interview will give the listener a different viewpoint on the Vietnam War.

037 VVN – Cleveland Mason – USMC

Cleveland Mason, vietnam veteran news

Cleveland Mason of Atwater holds his Bronze Star for heroism in the Vietnam War. He recently attended a reunion of the 26th Marines scout snipers.

In this episode the story of former Marine sniper, Cleveland Mason, is told in an article by Doane Yawger in the Modesto Bee. The Article describes a reunion of Vietnam Marines Veterans held at Omaha, Nebraska where Cleveland Mason attended. Cleveland talked about some harrowing times he experienced in Vietnam and how he has coped with those tough memories during his working years as a heavy equipment operator in the Bay area. He stresses how important his belief in God helped him through combat in Vietnam and the demons he faced in later years.

Cleveland Mason is another example of the brave Americans who answered the call of their country to fight a difficult war in a foreign land and came home to be a good citizen in the USA.

036 VVN – Leo Black – US Coast Guard in Vietnam

Leo Black USCG, vietnam veteran news

Leo Black of Rancho Mirage served in the United States Coast Guard for 30 years, retiring in 1994 as a captain. He served in the Vietnam War as part of Operation Market Time Squadron One from March 1967 to March 1968.

In this episode the story of the US Coast Guard’s service in the Vietnam War is described through the story of retired Coast Guard Captain Leo Black. The story was written by Sherry Barkus of the Desert Sun Newspaper in Palm Springs, California.

035 VVN – 11th Graders Learn About Patriotism from Vietnam Vet

11th  Graders , vietnam veteran news

Vietnam Memorial War reproduction built by Automotive students

In this episode we hear about Vietnam Vet, Anthony Wallace of Brooklyn, New York speaking to a group of high school students at Bedford Avenue’s Automotive High School in Brooklyn. Wallace not only told the students about life as a soldier in the Vietnam War but also about the importance of patriotism to the country. The reaction from the students and teachers were highly positive and it is another example of the greatness of the Vietnam War generation. Keep up the good work Anthony, We salute you.

034 VVN – Craig C. Thomas Was A Brave Vietnam Vet

Craig C. Thomas, mack payne, vietnam veteran news

Craig C. Thomas – RIP

In this episode we take time to honor the memory of a brave Vietnam Vet, Craig C. Thomas who lived and died in Spokane, Washington. Doug Clark a columnist for The Spokesman-Review in Spokane wrote an excellent article about Craig C. Thomas that described how he served his country in Vietnam and his community back home in Washington State. Craig C. Thomas is a great example of why the USA is a great country. It is made up of great people like Craig. Craig C. Thomas we all salute you.

Doug Clark is a columnist for The Spokesman-Review. He can be reached at dougc@spokesman.com.

033 VVN – Media Perceptions & Repercussions


Media Bias, Mack Payne, vietnam veteran newsReformed liberal writer Jack Coleman of Massachusetts wrote an article about how the media covered the Vietnam War and contrasted it with how it is covering the Gulf Wars. The difference is startling especially when you look at the consequences of how the media presents events to the public. The repercussions can be dire and include loss of life and dangers to the national well being. The article points out why citizens must be well informed and vigilant for biased reporting.

Jack Coleman’s article is featured in this episode to emphasize the importance of the citizens of the USA keeping informed of the real current events and insuring the nation’s moves in the right direction by always voting and urging everyone they know to do likewise. Hope you benefit and take note.

032 VVN – Skeebo Norris, San Saba, TX



Skeebo Norris, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

Skeebo Norris, KNUZ/KNVR Radio – San Saba, Texas

I have been on dozens of radio interviews where I talk about topics related to my book “Vietnam Veteran Memoirs.”  They were all enjoyable and all the hosts were very nice to me and my opinions.  It would be hard to pick favorites but I really did enjoy my interview with Skeebo Norris of KNVR Radio in San Saba, Texas which is near Fort Hood, Texas where I spent four interesting years with the famous 1st Calvary Division. I got to know the people and the country in Central Texas and grew to admire it greatly. The interview with Skeebo took me back to my days in the hill country of Central Texas. And, by the way, in the episode intro I identified the highway that runs through Fort Hood over to San Saba as US 90.  In fact it is US190. Please excuse my error.  Hope you enjoy the episode.

031 VVN – New Jersey Remembers its Vietnam Vets

New Jersey Vietnam Vets, Vietnam Veteran News

New Jersey Vietnam Vets at the annual New Jersey Vietnam Veterans Remembrance Day ceremony

This episode is a follow up to Episode 008. That episode featured a group of Vietnam Veterans and other interested individuals who were restoring an old UH-1D Model helicopter that actually flew in the Vietnam War. The restoration group wanted to get the job done in time for the annual New Jersey Vietnam Veterans Remembrance Day ceremony on Wednesday, May 7th the Vietnam Era Museum & Educational Center, 1 Memorial Lane, Holmdel, NJ. They were successful and the fully restored Huey was ready for dedication at the annual ceremony in Holmdel. It is highly recommended that all Vietnam Veterans and interested in paying tribute to the Vietnam Veterans everywhere visit the Foundation’s website: www.njvvmf.org.

030 VVN – The Voice of Russia Article


The Voice of Russia, Mack Payne, vietnam veteran newsLet it be said that I, Mack Payne, the creator of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast, welcomes different viewpoints about those turbulent times.  In this episode I will comment on an article from The Voice of Russia. In it the writer maintains that the arrogant USA hasn’t fully learned the lessons of humility from its defeats in various wars fought during the last fifty years. After commenting on the thoughts of the writer I give my opinion which by the way is shared by the noted commentator and popular songster Toby Keith.

029 VVN – Bill Feingold and Kevin Holmes Interview


Bil Feingold & Kevin Holmes, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran NewsThis episode features and interview with “Bulldog” Bill Feingold and his trusty side kick, Kevin Holmes on KNews FM radio in Palm Springs, California. It interested me their studios are located on Gene Autry Boulevard since I was a big Gene Autry fan. I find it very interesting to discuss the Vietnam War with radio hosts and get their different takes on the event. Bill and Kevin were very understanding of the complexity of those times and did a good job with the interview.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.