161 VVN – John Bury Reports on Agent Orange Fight



John Bury, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

John Bury, Veterans Activist of Media, Pennsylvania

John Bury is still fighting the fight for Agent Orange equity for all Vietnam Veterans who have been denied medical aid for the many illnesses caused by that silent killer.

The number of Vietnam Veterans who have been affected by Agent Orange surpasses one million. To this day many Veterans are not receiving treatment for those AO diseases.

There is a bill in the House of Representatives that can help those Veterans. It currently has over 250 cosponsors in the House yet it languished in a committee headed by Representative Jeff Miller of Florida. It is imperative to get the bill on the House floor no later than December 31, 2014 otherwise it will die.

You are urged to contact your Congressional Representative and insist they support HR-543 which is the bill that will help Agent Orange sufferers. In addition to your own Representative, please contact Jeff Miller and ask him to take HR-543 out of committee and put it on the House Floor for consideration. Click here for his office information.


160 VVN – USAF SGT Phuoc Phan’s Story of Escape

USAF M/SGT Phuoc Phan, Mack Payne, vietnam veteran news

Air Force Chief Master Sgt. Phuoc Phan, the chief enlisted officer for the 3rd Weather Squadron, 3rd Air Support Operations Group, speaks during Air Force Heritage Day Oct. 3 at the 9th Air Support Operations Squadron building on Fort Hood. Phan spoke on his journey as a Vietnam refugee to becoming an American citizen. (Photo by Army Staff Sgt. Tomora Clark, 13th Public Affairs Detachment)

This episode tells the story of USAF M/SGT Phuoc Phan. He escaped at age eight with the rest of his family from Vietnam in 1975. Phan survived the harrowing trek from that war torn country through trials of the hard refugee existence to become a 26 year veteran of service in the Air Force.

He told his story to an audience of airman at the Air Force Heritage Day at Fort Hood, Texas. It was a tremendous homage the Americans who fought in that was to protect the freedom of its people. Even though all Vietnamese did not enjoy the freedom and liberties that SGT Phan experienced many did and it is a tribute to all Vietnam Veterans.


159 VVN – Interview With Extraordinary Vietnam Vet Dave Roever

Dave Roever, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

Dave Roever, Vietnam Vet Extraordinaire

This episode features an interview with Extraordinary Vietnam Vet Dave Roever. Dave’s story is one of the most compelling ever told. He served in the Brown Water Navy and was severely burned during combat operations with a white phosphorus grenade. By the grace of God he survived and went on to create the Roever Foundation which to date has helped thousands of veterans overcome wounds of battle in all wars.

He has spoken all over the world to veterans, students and others with his remarkable and inspiring story of survival and hope that has helped millions. He has written best seller books and Billy Graham made a movie of his tremendous story of hope and inspiration.

His Roever Foundation which is financed totally with donations operates three retreat ranches where wounded veterans can go and have a peaceful place to recuperate. Dave has never accepted a penny of money from the government for his Foundation’s work.

You can help Dave and the work he is doing by going to his websites, discovering what wonderful things he is doing and then donating to his cause. It will be some of the most efficiently used and effective donations a person make.


Discover more here:   Dave Roever Foundation



158 VVN – The Battle of Hamburger Hill – Part 2

Hamburger Hill, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

The prize of The Battle of Hamburger Hill – the crest of Hill 937.

This episode is the conclusion of a look at the Battle of Hill 937(Hamburger Hill) another wasted effort in a wasted land that cost the lives of many brave Americans and helped the careers of many Army officers.

It is hoped we as a people will be aware of the screaming lessons of the Vietnam War and never again draw the sword unless we are willing to throw away the scabbard.

157 VVN – The Battle of Hamburger Hill – Part 1

MG Melvin Zais, Commander 101st Abn Div, Vietnam Veteran News, Mack Payne

Major General Melvin Zais, Commander, 101st Airborne Division, 1968- 1969.

This episode will begin a series on one of the few large scale set battles fought in The Viet Nam War, The Battle of Hamburger Hill. Its official name was Hill 973 and was fought on Ap Bia Mountain which overlooks the A Shau Valley. The main players in the event were units of the 101st Airborne Division led by Major General Melvin Zais.

It is a notable battle for several reasons. From a personal standpoint I flew many missions over the A Shau Valley and I knew of a famously heroic thing done by WO Frederic Cappo, a member of our sister unit B/4/77 FA(ARA).

Another notable thing about this battle was that it was a watershed event due to the furor that erupted in both military and civilian circles over the useless loss of American lives wasted in the taking of a hill that was given up the next day. As a result, General Abrams, overall commander in Vietnam at the time discontinued a policy of “maximum pressure” against the North Vietnamese to one of “protective reaction” for troops threatened with combat action, while simultaneously President Richard Nixon announced the first troop withdrawal from South Vietnam.

Listen to this podcast to get the full story.

156 VVN – Vietnam Veteran News Roundup

Joint Base Lewis McChord Event, mack payne,  vietnam veteran news

Marvin Merritt of Lacey and other Vietnam Veterans are welcomed off a bus before a day-long salute to Vietnam-era veterans at Joint Base Lewis McChord, October 9, 2014. It part of the 50th Anniversary Commemoration of the Vietnam War. PETER HALEY — Staff photographer Buy Photo

This episode is about good and uplifting news for all Vietnam Veterans. It appears the attitude of the country toward Vietnam Veterans is changing for the better. An event at the Joint Base Lewis McChord out in Washington state was held as part of the DOD sponsored 50th Anniversary Commemoration of the Vietnam War. There a group of Vietnam Veterans were given a belated welcome home ceremony .

In Broome County New York there was a proclamation making the county a Purple Heart county. The guest of honor at the proclamation ceremony was Jeffrey Largue, a Broome County resident who received the medal for his service in the Vietnam War.

In South Carolina a replica of the Wall Monument was on display at Spartanburg. Also at Spartanburg hundreds of volunteers helped Vietnam Veterans at Upstate Stand Down.

Get the full story in this episode.

155 VVN – Karl Marlantes Writes Book About Vietnam War

Karl Marlantes, What It Is Like to Go To War, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

Vietnam veteran Karl Marlantes, and author of The New York Times bestselling book “What It is Like to Go to War.”

In this episode we are going to talk about a book recently published by Karl Marlantes, a highly decorated US Marine veteran of the Vietnam War. At the time he was on a speaking tour in California talking about his philosophies relating to killing people.

He also recounts some of the challenges he has faced and still faces about dealing with PTSD. He offers some valuable information to all veterans on how to deal with the condition.

You are encouraged to get a copy of Karl’s book “What It is Like to Go to War” and find out what it really means to go to war.


154 VVN – American Hero James Bell Remembered

James Bell, mack payne, vietnam veteran news

: James Bell, a Navy captain and pilot was held prisoner for seven and a half years during the Vietnam War.

In this episode the memory of James Bell, US Navy Vietnam Veteran who died peacefully in Arlington, Virginia is honored. He was another one of those brave America Pilots who survived years in a North Vietnamese Prison. He was one of the first to be shot down over the North in 1965 and one of the first to be released in 1973.

He survived seven years of captivity in grim circumstances in those dreadful prison camps and then he went on to a distinguished career in the Navy and the business world after his retirement. He is survived by his wife, Dora Griffin Bell, the former wife of another POW who died in captivity. In addition to his wife he is also survived by three children from his first marriage, two step children and eleven grandchildren.

Captain James Bell – we salute you.

153 VVN – Mike Scruggs Remembers His Secret War

Mike Scruggs, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

Mike Scruggs, an Air Force Vietnam combat veteran whose most significant combat missions were flown over Laos. On Saturday evening, September 27, he had the honor of speaking to the Royal Lao Airborne at an annual banquet in Greenville, South Carolina, celebrating their recent and past achievements.

Mike Scruggs is a veteran of the US Air Force and flew many secret missions in the Vietnam War. In this episode he tells the reason why those war time missions were secret. He details a sad story of failure of leadership in this country that resulted in the death of many people in Southeast Asia and the expenditure of tremendous of national capital.

152 VVN – The Battle of Dak To, Part 4

173rd Abn Bde Honor Their Dead, Vietnam Veteran News, Mack Payne

“Ninety eight pairs of empty combat boots bear silent witness to the 173rd Airborne’s casualties from the Battle for Hill 875”

This episode looks at the aftermath of the Battle of Dak To. It appears to this writer that the General Giap and the North Vietnamese High Command had a well planned strategy for taking over the south. It was a bloody and methodical plan that played the Americans and their allies like a fiddle of death.

The North was so committed to their plan they willingly pursued it with a suicidal recklessness that had little apparent regard for the lives of their soldiers. They were executing their deadly campaigns against an enemy they could not defeat on the battlefield. In the end the only way they could accomplish their goals was on the TV screens of America with the help of their willing dupes in the Western Media.