947 – To draft or not to draft – that is the question

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Ken Midkiff, formerly the director of the Sierra Club Clean Water Campaign, is now a member of the city’s Environment and Energy Commission and serves on the board of directors of the Great Rivers Environmental Law Center. Katelyn Metzger

This is an invitation to check out episode number 947 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast. The title of the episode, To draft or not to draft – that is the  question, gives an excellent lead in to the episode topic. In the Vietnam War the military draft was a hot issue. There was much unhappiness about young men being called to serve in a war of dubious purposes that was highly likely to place the lives of the young draftees in extreme peril.

After much political upheaval surrounding the Vietnam War, on January 27, 1973 the military draft ended in the United States about the same time as the end of our involvement in that War. The country went to an all volunteer army and that system has sufficed well ever since. Down through the years though there has been talk of reviving the draft.

One opinion on the question comes from an unwilling Vietnam Era draftee, a person opposed to all current wars and a hardcore lefty, Ken Midkiff of Columbia, Missouri. His position on the issue was found in an opinion piece in The Missourian titled: KEN MIDKIFF: A draft could make for a better military.

He began with the statement: “It was the time of the Vietnam War, my number had come up in the draft, and the local draft board sent a notice that I was called to serve.” Looking back on his time in the Army he came up with the conclusion that  there was some good in being a draftee although he viewed his two years in uniform as miserable. His conclusions on the revival of the draft is quite unusual.

Discover Ken Midkiff’s primary reason why he thinks the Army would benefit from a reinstatement of the draft in episode 947 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast.

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