Episode 2521 – Rerun of Episode – 1758 – Vietnam Vet John Shoemaker – His continuing service to country

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John Shoemaker

Episode 1758 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will feature a presentation by Vietnam Veteran, John Shoemaker about what he has done after he left the military and service in Vietnam. He was assigned to the 196th Infantry Brigade of the Americal Division and served in Vietnam in 1970 and 71.  He has written numerous columns about his time in the War that appeared in the Metro West Daily News of Framingham, Massachusetts.

It is the contention of this podcaster that the Vietnam Veteran Generation is as great as any that ever heeded the call of duty from its country. Despite an unfriendly reception from their country when they returned home, they rose about all the bad things that were said about them. They were not all drug crazed maniacs who lived under bridges because they could not cope with society.

All the vituperation that was heaped upon Vietnam Veteran has proven to be false and inaccurate. When Vietnam Veterans came home from the War, they were older, wiser, stronger and better able to deal with adversity than their non-Vietnam Veteran contemporaries.

Over the last fifty years they have shown they are an outstanding group of veterans. They have excelled in a wide array of civilian and military pursuits.

John Shoemaker is a tremendous representative of that great generation. In this episode he will describe in his own words how he has contributed greatly to his country after his service in Vietnam.

He begins by describing what motivated him to join the Army and become an infantry officer at the height of the War. Infantry officers served in some of the most dangerous jobs.

He then goes on to describe how he rose to the top levels of the electronics industry.

Listen to episode 1758 and discover more about John Shoemaker’s contributions to his country as a civilian.

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