Episode 2549 – A 4th of July tribute to our great Nation along with an important message from Vietnam Vet Ron Mosbaugh

Episode 2549 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will feature a Fourth of July tribute to this great country. 247 years ago 56 brave men signed a document forever known as the Declaration of Independence. It was a brave act on their part because as soon as they put ink to the document they put their lives, families and fortunes at risk.

Thankfully for us all, they persevered and created the United States of America, a shining city on the hill to all mankind on this earth. The great philosopher and writer, Charles Krauthammer put this way: The United States of America is the greatest and most miraculous endeavor mankind has ever undertaken in its long quest to get politics right. America is founded on an idea, and the idea is liberty. This is probably the rarest phenomenon in the political history of the world.

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Ron Mosbaugh in Vietnam

Ron Mosbaugh is a brave Vietnam Veteran who served thirteen months as a field corpsman in Vietnam with Hotel Company, Second Battalion, First Marines in the dangerous I Corps region of northern South Vietnam. He would have readily signed the Declaration of Independence had he been there in the day.

Like the signers of the Declaration of Independence, Ron’s bravery is unquestioned. He demonstrated that fact when he faced death on a daily basis yet he never shrank from doing his duty as a field corpsman saving lives under fire.

In this episode he will share a story he wrote titled, A Vietnam Veteran Worry Wart. He describes how his experiences on the battlefields and in the swamps of Vietnam left him with a serious case of PTSD which brought with it constant worries. He provides valuable advice on how handle worries in your life. If one follows his wise advice they should be better able to deal with worry.

Listen to episode 2549 and discover more about Vietnam Veteran Ron Mosbaugh’s advice for handling worry.

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