Episode 2608 – Hanoi Jane fessed up

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Episode 2608 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will feature a story about Hanoi Jane Fonda apologizing for her egregious actions in Vietnam. The featured story comes from the Far Out Magazine and is titled: The controversial reason why Jane Fonda was blacklisted from Hollywood. It was submitted by Calum Russell. He is based in Manchester, UK, Calum Russell is a passionate film writer and enthusiastic music listener whose love of cinema extends from the British social realism of Mike Leigh to the eccentric animation of Jan Švankmajer. When a film night is not on the cards, he enjoys a hearty dinner in front of Peep Show, for there is nothing else as satisfying.

Every Vietnam Veteran is aware of the unforgivable actions of Jane Fonda during her trip to North Vietnam in 1972. The time has come to forgive her for her despicable actions Hanoi.

Russell’s story gives good reason for such actions. He describes her apology and her explanation for her change of heart when he wrote the following:

Explaining her actions decades later in a blog entry titled The Truth About My Trip to Hanoi, Fonda explained: “It happened on my last day in Hanoi. I was exhausted and an emotional wreck after the 2-week visit…someone (I don’t remember who) led me towards the gun, and I sat down…I hardly even thought about where I was sitting. The cameras flashed…It is possible that it was a set up, that the Vietnamese had it all planned. I will never know”.

Continuing, she added: “But if they did I can’t blame them. The buck stops here. If I was used, I allowed it to happen…a two-minute lapse of sanity that will haunt me forever…But the photo exists, delivering its message regardless of what I was doing or feeling. I carry this heavy in my heart…It was never my intention to cause harm”.

Listen to episode 2608 and discover more about Hanoi Jane Fonda apologizing for her egregious actions in Vietnam.

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