Episode 2666 – Henry Kissinger – Fire and Rain

Kissinger and Nixon, vietnam veteran news, mack payne

Kissinger and Nixon

Andy Pham, vietnam veteran news, mack payne

Andy Pham

Episode 2666 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will feature an encore of Episode 2432 of this podcast. The purpose of the rerun is to help honor the memory of the recently passed Henry Kissinger. Andy Pham, a good friend of this podcast will provide in introduction to the featured book, Fire and Rain and a tribute to the service of the great Henry Kissinger.

This episode will explore the background behind a soon to be published book titled: Fire and Rain: Nixon, Kissinger and the Wars in Southeast Asia. The author, Hofstra History Professor Carolyn Eisenberg, will discuss the history of the book thesis in the interview. Lubna Z. Qureshi will serve as the interlocular.

The book Fire and Rain: Nixon, Kissinger and the Wars in Southeast Asia interweaves Nixon and Kissinger’s pursuit of the war in Southeast Asia and their diplomacy with the Soviet Union and China, the on-the-ground military events, and US domestic reactions to the war

It incorporates the most wide-ranging, thorough use of declassified documents and tapes on the Vietnam War and US relations with the Soviet Union and China to appear to date  and utilizes substantial, original interviews with Vietnamese participants in the war

It is timed for the 50th anniversary of the Paris Peace Conference that agreed to US withdrawal of all troops and advisors from Vietnam, withdrawal of all foreign troops from Laos and Cambodia, and a ceasefire throughout Vietnam.

Carolyn Woods Eisenberg is a Professor of US History and American Foreign Relations at Hofstra University. She is the author of the just published Fire and Rain: Nixon, Kissinger, and the Wars in Southeast Asia. A previous history, Drawing the Line: the American Decision to Divide Germany, 1944-49, won the Stuart Bernath Book Prize of the Society of Historians of American Foreign Relations and the Herbert Hoover Book Prize and was a finalist for the Lionel Gelber Book Prize. Her analysis has appeared in the New York Times, National Public Radio, Fox, and C-SPAN. She has been a consultant to several members of Congress and is legislative coordinator for Historians for Peace and Democracy.

Listen to episode 2666 and discover more about Henry Kissinger and the powerful book titled:  Fire and Rain: Nixon, Kissinger and the Wars in Southeast Asia authored by Hofstra History Professor Carolyn Eisenberg.

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