Episode 2695– Gold Star family member remembers her fallen loved one

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Deb Ahmann prepared her notes at the start of a talk at the Lyon County Museum on Saturday. Ahmann shared the story of her brother Tom Bradley, from his life growing up in Minneota until after his death during the Vietnam War in 1969.

Episode 2695 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will feature a story about how Gold Star Family member Deb Ahmann is making sure the memory of her fallen brother Tom Bradley is not forgotten. The featured story appeared in The Independent of Marshall, Minnesota and was titled: Telling her brother’s story – Ahmann shares experiences of a local Gold Star family during the Vietnam War. It was submitted by Deb Gau, staff writer for the Independent.                                           [dgau@marshallindependent.com]

In 1968, Vietnam Veteran Tom Bradley was killed in Vietnam. His sister and Gold Star Family member, Deb Ahmann has dedicated her life to making sure her brother is never forgotten.

Ahmann recently spoke about the experiences of a Gold Star family on Saturday, January 20, 2025 at the Lyon County Museum. The event was one of a few different talks the Lyon County Historical Society has held, sharing the stories of service members and other area residents affected by the Vietnam War.

In her speech, Ahmann described her family and how their lives were changed the day they received word her brother Tom died in Vietnam. In her story Gau, reported that Bill Palmer, a board member of the Lyon County Historical Society said “The war in Vietnam touched many, many more in our communities beyond the hundreds of Lyon County residents who served in that war,” said . They included Gold Star families – those who had lost loved ones who were serving in the war.”

Ahmann said she also hoped people could remember Tom as a person, and not a casualty of war. She closed the talk with stories about Tom when he was growing up, as a way to celebrate his life.

“I’m hoping maybe there’s something in there that, instead of this being sad, it’s that he was a real person and he touched our lives deeply,” she said.

Listen to episode 2695 and discover more about how Gold Star Family member Deb Ahmann is making sure the memory of her fallen brother Tom Bradley is not forgotten.

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