Episode 2499 – Two Vietnam Vets meet-up 57 years later

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Lynn Pierson (left) and Jim Moulton reunited recently, 57 years after spending a year together in Vietnam serving as medics.

U.S. Army medics

U.S. Army medics Jim Moulton (left) and Lynn Pierson developed a supportive friendship while serving a tour in Vietnam.

Episode 2499 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will feature a story about two Vietnam Vets who met-up fifty years later. The featured story comes from The Olean Times Herald and is titled, Shinglehouse man reunites with fellow Vietnam veteran. It was submitted by Natalie Kennedy. [nkennedy@tiogapublishing.com]

The purpose of featuring this story is to illustrate to Vietnam Veterans how rewarding it can be to get back in touch with fellow Vietnam Vets. Whenever a person experiences a year in the American Vietnam War, they have a tendency to become forever bonded with those who shared those experiences.

In the featured story, the experiences of two Vietnam Vets are presented. Jim Moulton and Victor “Lynn” Pierson served together as Army medics in Vietnam.

Moulton was 18 when he enlisted in 1965. He completed basic training at Fort Oliver in Baltimore, Md., before completing a 10-week medic training at Fort Sam Houston in Texas, where he met Pierson. Pierson, 20, was drafted from his home in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

The two hit it off immediately, recalled Moulton, sharing an irreverent sense of humor. Pierson and I were always goofing around all the time. They both served at the 3rd Field Hospital outside of Saigon.

The friends lost touch with each other after their return to the states. Years later, Moulton attempted to find Pierson but he was met with little success at every turn. Luckily his wife Linda took the search to the internet, focusing on Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and located a Lynn Pierson. From that the connection was accomplished.

The two met, had lunch and spent several hours reminiscing and catching up. Moulton said “It was just fantastic. A friend like that, you just can’t beat. He raced motorcycles and I took up alligator wrestling, so I guess we both liked living on the edge.”

Listen to episode 2499 and discover more about the two Vietnam Vets who met-up fifty years later.

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