Episode 2517 – Vietnam Vet Jack Billups is the real deal

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Jack Billups and daughter Naomi.

Episode 2517 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will feature a story about Vietnam Veteran Jack Billups [jabillups49@gmail.com] and the two books he has written. This story comes from a press release from 24-7 Press Release. The featured press release is titled, The Profound Change In Traditional American Values And The Anguish Parents And Grandparents Experience Is Addressed By Jack Billups, Bestselling Author Of My Vietnam And Christian’s Walk.

Jack Billups grew up during the 1950s and early 1960s in a peaceful Southern California community populated by many senior citizens and dotted with chicken ranches. When he was 19 he joined the U.S. Army. He served as an infantryman in Vietnam. For his service there he was awarded the Bronze Star with V device and an air medal.

According to the press release, he is a dependable and talented “everyman” who makes no claim about his service in Vietnam except for being a patriotic American who did “the right thing” as he saw it. He maintained that attitude throughout his life. Asked to talk about his military experience by his daughter, he began writing it out, and ended up exposing 50-year-old forgotten memories and emotions about the jungle war, concluding with a trip back to Vietnam with his daughter.

Billups’ first book, ‘My Vietnam: A Gift to My Daughter’, is a stunning piece of writing that will likely take its place as one of the best Vietnam memoirs ever written according to the press release. ‘My Vietnam’ is, at its core, a love story, combined with a dramatic and searing account of the Vietnam War experience. That experience is shared with a family member, in the most intimate way possible – a return trip to the battlefields of Vietnam

His second book ‘Christian’s Walk’ was inspired by John Bunyan’s immortal classic, ‘Pilgrims Progress’. It was, according to Billups, written for times such as these, where “evil is called good, and good is called evil.”

 Listen to episode 2517 and discover more about Vietnam Veteran Jack Billups and the two books he has written.

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