Episode 2523 – CAPTURED: Shot Down in Vietnam at The Nixon Library

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Shot Down in Vietnam

Episode 2523 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will feature a story about the CAPTURED: Shot Down in Vietnam program at the Nixon Library.

With the approach of Memorial Day of 2023 activities are being planned around the nation to honor the memory of those who died for their country in wars. The Nixon Library at Yorba Linda, California is doing its part to help America remember its fallen wartime heroes.

One of the remembrance events being held at the Library is the CAPTURED: Shot Down in Vietnam program.

According to the Library website: During the Vietnam War, hundreds of American aviators were shot down, imprisoned, tortured, and beaten in North Vietnam. They experienced the harshest conditions imaginable as Prisoners of War.

For as many as eight long years, the Vietnam POWs stayed true to their mission and survived behind bars. They communicated through codes and wraps on prison walls. They were unbelievably brave and resisted enemy propaganda. And their families knew little of their fate.

The Captured exhibition opens May 24, 2023: At the Nixon Library, relive the harrowing experience of hell in the Hanoi Hilton and gripping tales of resilience, fortitude, and faith.

See more than 75 unique artifacts from around the country, on display together for the first time. Launch from an aircraft carrier ready room into the skies. Get up close to a recreated, rat-infested prison cell. And relive the national celebration that was their homecoming, including the largest dinner in White House history.

Everett Alvarez, Jr. was the first American to be shot down over North Vietnam and he was the first detainee to be held at the Hanoi Hilton prison camp.

An excellent podcast about the pilot and his experiences will be featured in this episode.

CLICK HERE to order tickets to the CAPTURED: Shot Down in Vietnam program.

Listen to episode 2523 and discover more about the CAPTURED: Shot Down in Vietnam program at the Nixon Library.

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