Episode 2594 – Vietnam Vet Peter Mathews and his incredible story

Peter Mathews, vietnam veteran news, mack paynePeter Mathews, vietnam veteran news, mack payneEpisode 2594 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will feature an interview with Vietnam Vet Peter Mathews as he describes his journey back to Vietnam to return a special item he found on the Dak To battlefield 56 years ago.

Peter’s life phase for this story began in 1963 when he emigrated to this country from his native Holland (The Netherlands). He struggled to find work in his new home country. He did find work and finally he was able to obtain a green card in the summer of 1965. As a result of his diligence, a few months later he was drafted and sent to Vietnam as an M-60 machine gunner with 1/12 Cav, 1st Cav Division.

He had almost completed his year in Vietnam when his unit was sent to Dak To where it joined the 4th Infantry Division in the big battle that was being fought in the rugged Central Highlands of Vietnam.

After the battle subsided, Peter found that special item that was to change his life while he was helping examine equipment abandoned by the opposition forces after the batte.

In this episode, Peter will describe in his own words the course of events that would make him a national hero in Vietnam. He has been encouraged by many including this podcaster to write a book about his amazing tale.

He said he would like to do that but he needs help to get the book written. He invites anyone who would help in getting his book written to contact him.

He can be reached at:

Peter Mathews


Or email him at: whfman@aol.com

Listen to episode 2594 and discover more about the incredible story of Vietnam Vet Peter Mathews’ journey back to Vietnam to return a special item he found on the Dak To battlefield 56 years ago.

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