Episode 2600 – Olof Palme, Sweden, and the Vietnam War by Lubna Z. Qureshi

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Lubna Z. Qureshi

Episode 2600 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will feature an interview with Lubna Z. Qureshi about her recently published book titled Olof Palme, Sweden, and the Vietnam War.

 The book description includes this statement; In 1972, Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme’s fierce condemnation of the Christmas Bombings of the North Vietnamese cities of Hanoi and Haiphong led to a breakdown in diplomatic relations at the highest level between Sweden and the United States. The author argues that Sweden’s official position of neutrality allowed its Prime Minister greater independence of action on the international stage. Palme opposed the American military intervention in Southeast Asia for its violation of Vietnamese self-determination. Superpower aggression against one small country threatened all others, including Palme’s own. At the same time, the diplomatic freeze did not substantially damage Swedish-American relations. In spite of the tension with the Nixon White House, Stockholm and its embassy in Washington maintained excellent relations with Congress, with many ordinary Americans, and even with Nixon’s own State Department.

Anyone interested in the history of the Vietnam War must add this book to their collection of related research material. Substantial discounts are offered by the publisher. Andy Pham will offer purchase methods in the podcast.

Listen to episode 2600 and discover more about the recently published book titled  Olof Palme, Sweden, and the Vietnam War by Lubna Z. Qureshi.


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