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Vietnamese Museum Australia

Episode 2617 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast features a story about the Vietnamese Museum Australia. The featured story comes from the Diplomat and is titled: Surviving the Refugee Boats and Building a Vietnamese Museum in Australia. The story was submitted by Luke Hunt. He is a Southeast Asia correspondent for The Diplomat. He has spent three decades working in the region and produces the Mekong Deep Dive podcast.

Mylinh Lee, vietnam veteran news, mack payne

Mylinh Lee

In 1979, Mylinh Lee arrived in Australia as a child, by boat and as a refugee. More than four decades later she is a public relations specialist in Melbourne where she is also dedicated to the construction of the Vietnamese Museum Australia.

The mission statement of the group building the museum is as follows: The museum, due to open in 2025, is the first in the world dedicated to the plight of Vietnamese refugees, who began arriving in Australia shortly after the fall of Saigon in April 1975, signaling the end of the Vietnam War and the communist takeover of South Vietnam.

The Vietnamese Museum Australia is an exciting national and international project for the community. The Museum has received bi-partisan support from members of the local and national parliament, who have granted the Vietnamese community a lifelong dream to build its own museum.

The Vietnamese Australia Museum will form the sixth cultural museum located in the heart of Footscray, Melbourne, Australia.

The grand opening of the museum is planned for April 2025, which will mark the 50th year of Vietnamese refugees being welcomed to Australia.

The “Vietnamese Museum Australia” (ACN: 635 162 088) is overseen by a Board of Directors with decades of experience in museum activation and operation, community projects, governance, legal practice and risk management.

CLICK HERE to learn more about The Vietnamese Museum Australia.

Listen to episode 2617 and discover more about the Vietnamese Museum Australia.

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