Episode 2639 – Vietnam Vet helps prove a self-evident truth

Vietnam Vet Jack W. of Parkland, FL

Vietnam Vet Jack W. of Parkland, FL

Episode 2639 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will feature a story about the Vietnam Veteran who helps prove a point about the great Vietnam Generation. The featured story appeared in The TapintoParkland News and was titled: From the Farms of Pennsylvania to the Vietnam War to Wall Street; Parkland Resident Continues to Shine. The story was submitted by Andie Korenge.

Vietnam Vet Jack W. (he prefers to remain anonymous) is another tremendous representative of the great Vietnam Veteran Generation – one as great as any that ever heeded the call of duty from our country. He has spent a lifetime proving that point. He served his country in Vietnam as a trucker, one of the most dangerous positions in the War. He faced all the dangers of that War and came home safe and sound.

The writer, Andie Korenge reported ; as an inspiring and greatly accomplished war veteran, Aston Gardens resident Jack W. (to protect his identity) has lived a spectacular life. Over the course of the past 79 years, Jack has bravely served his country, married, started a family and grown old with the love of his life, and had a successful career on Wall Street. He lived through a war that so many others did not and came out on the other side, both able to tell the tale and move past it, in order to start the next chapter of his life.

Throughout his childhood in Pennsylvania, Jack was exposed to agricultural practices and raised in an environment that greatly valued agribusiness, as his father was a dairy farmer. Consequently, he developed a huge appreciation for the practice, influencing him to join a dairy club at the age of 10. This club was called the Four H Dairy Club and consisted of about 20 other boys who met once a month. Its integral role in his life is evident in the fact that he can still recall its pledge today.

Listen to episode 2639 and discover more about the Vietnam Veteran who helps prove a point about the great Vietnam Generation.

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