Episode 2641 – Vietnam Vet Paul Schultz tells his story

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Paul Schultz from Edgartown was drafted into the Vietnam War in 1968 and selected for the B Battery third battalion, sixth artillery unit.

Episode 2641 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will feature a story about Vietnam Vet Paul Schultz’s personal story. His story appeared in The MV Times and was titled: Voices of Veterans: Paul Schultz. The interview was conducted by Sam Houghton

Paul Schultz is another tremendous representative of the great Vietnam Veteran Generation – one as great as any that ever heeded the call of duty from its country. He served in Vietnam as an artilleryman and saw much hard combat.

After graduating from high school on the Vineyard in 1965, he tried to join the Army but was denied due to a knee injury. He tried again in 1966 and was denied entry again but in 1968, he was drafted.

After basic training and advanced training as an artilleryman, he was sent to Vietnam in January of 1969. He served a year in country one year with B Battery, Third Battalion, Sixth Artillery.

He said the two things he will always remember about Vietnam was the heat and the smell. It was 105°. And then there was the smell. With all the different things at the airport: the jets, the helicopters, the little forklifts and machinery, all the garbage — it knocked you off your feet.  He started out in Vietnam as the low man on the totem pole of a howitzer crew. He eventually became the section chief of a gun crew.

Summing up his thoughts on his time in Vietnam he said that in Vietnam, he found a lot of brave guys. If you got hurt, they would come to drag you out. They would help you fight off the enemy. He met a lot of great guys, and still likes to talk with them. One is in Arkansas, another in Minnesota and still another in Tennessee. So we stay in touch. Guys I served with.

Listen to episode 2641 and discover more about Vietnam Vet Paul Schultz’s personal story.

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