Episode 2646 – A salute to Vietnam combat nurse Marj Graves

Vietnam combat nurse Marj Graves, vietnam veteran news mack payne

Vietnam combat nurse Marj Graves today and back in the day.

Episode 2646 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will feature a story about the service of Vietnam combat nurse Marj Graves during and after the War. The featured story comes from the Spectrum News 1 of Louisville and was titled Vietnam combat nurse shares stories of struggle and triumph. It was submitted by Jonathan Gregg. [Jonathon.gregg@charter.com | Twitter:  @JohnnyGregg | Facebook: jonathongregg.tv]

Jonathon Gregg, vietnam veteran news, mack payne

Jonathon Gregg

Jonathon Gregg is a self-proclaimed, “farm kid.”  Jonathon grew up in eastern Iowa, milking cows, de-tasseling corn and bailing hay. Jonathon says these experiences taught him the value of hard work but it’s also why Jonathon relates so well to people he meets on assignment. Jonathon has received honors from the National Press Photographers Association. In 2018, Jonathon was honored at the Chicago/Midwest Regional Emmys with an award for “Best Reporter.”

In his story Gregg reported that Louisville native Marj Graves did a brave thing in 1972, volunteering to be a combat nurse during the Vietnam War. “I was 24 when this picture was taken and I think my mother wanted me to have a professional photograph done because she had a fear that I might not make it back home again,” Graves said while showing a portrait taken over 50 years ago.

In many ways, this photo commemorates a new and harrowing chapter in Marj’s life. “I never took care of anything but male soldiers,” she explained.

Graves was traumatized by what she saw in Vietnam. Nearly 20 years since attempting to take her own life, she is now a sought after public speaker, telling her story to veterans’ groups, high school classrooms and corporate outings.

She said, “Having problems with dealing with trauma is not a weakness, and it’s so important to deal with it because number one, you may help somebody else but there are lots of people out there who want to help you get through it, instead of still experiencing 22 veterans a day that chose to commit suicide.”

Listen to episode 2646 and discover more about the service of Vietnam combat nurse Marj Graves during and after the War.

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