Episode 2685– Vietnam Vet Soy Redthunder shows how it is done

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Vietnam Vet Soy Redthunder

Episode 2685 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will feature a story about howshows how to be an outstanding Vietnam Veteran. The featured story comes from The Tribal Tribune of Nespelem and was titled Washington titled: Colville tribal Veteran Soy Redthunder advocates for Vets, old and young. It was submitted by Sonny Sellars who is a Tribal Tribune staff writer.

Soy Redthunder served in Vietnam during 1966 and 67 as an infantryman. He was one of seven brothers, six of whom served in the military: Levi, Kenny, Wilfred, Norman, Soy, and Jack. Soy was drafted by the Army in 1966. When he came home to Nespelem he worked in Forestry as a check scaler for the Colville Timber Resource Company for 19 years before retiring in 2006, making it 31 years with the BIA.

All this makes Soy a tremendous representative of the Vietnam Veteran Generation – one as great as any that ever heeded the call of duty from our country. He served his country well in Vietnam and continued serving his country well when he came home. That was because when Vietnam Veterans came home they were older, wiser, stronger and better able to deal with adversities than their non-Vietnam Veteran contemporaries.

This is what helps make Soy and outstanding representative of the Vietnam Vet Generation, he speaks at schools and tells the youth to consider the military. He states that not everyone is going to college, or getting a job right after graduation and the military is a viable option. You get more benefits than the youth who do not go: GI Bill, loans, medical, dental, and counseling services.

The fact that many Native Americans like Soy served in the military says a lot because of all the hardships that Indian people have been through, but still have pride in this country.

Listen to episode 2685 and discover more about how Vietnam Vet Soy Redthunder shows how to be an outstanding Vietnam Veteran.

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