Episode 2690– Vietnam Vet Doug Hamilton tells his story

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Episode 2690 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will feature a story about the service of Vietnam Vet Doug Hamilton. The featured story comes from the Independent of Marshall, Minnesota and is titled: The Vietnam War – Doug Hamilton – deploying to Vietnam and LZ Grant. It was submitted by Bill Palmer.

Palmer reported that we have been learning about Doug Hamilton, who grew up in Grove City and Atwater. He met Chari Olson at Willmar Junior College and they married in 1968. But Doug lost his education draft deferment when he left school and received his draft notice in November 1968, the day before Chari gave birth to their daughter, Becky.

Doug completed Army Basic Training and then Advanced Individual Training as an artilleryman at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. The young family was together at Fort Sill, but were separated when Doug received deployment orders for Vietnam. They spent a sad pre-deployment leave in Willmar before Doug departed in May 1969.

The Army flew Doug from Minneapolis to Fort Lewis, Washington. Doug recalled his flight on an airliner full of troops headed for Vietnam.

“It was very somber. They gave us Kool-Aid to drink. (Doug laughed) Tan Son Nhut (Air Base) was where we landed. As soon as the door opened the heat and humidity just “Whoomf!” hit you in the face.”

The Army sent Doug to Long Binh Base for in-country training.

Doug Hamilton is another tremendous representative of the Vietnam Veteran Generation – one as great as any that ever heeded the call of duty from our country. He served his country well in Vietnam under demanding circumstances and continued serving his country well when he came home because Vietnam Veterans were older wiser, stronger and better able to deal with adversity than their non-Vietnam Vet contemporaries.

Listen to episode 2690 and discover more about the service of Vietnam Vet Doug Hamilton.

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