1615a- (From Memory Lane) This Vietnam Vet is blessed by God  

Vietnam Veteran Charley Burress of Huntsville, Alabama

Vietnam Veteran Charley Burress of Huntsville, Alabama

Episode 1615 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will feature a story about Vietnam Veteran Charley Burress of Huntsville, Alabama and how he was blessed by God. The Story appeared in the Redstone Rocket and was titled: Business leader feels blessed about wartime experience.  It was submitted by Skip Vaughn Rocket editor [skip.vaughn@theredstonerocket.com].

Charley Burress is another prime representative of the great Vietnam Veteran Generation – one as great as any that ever answered the call of duty from its country. The vast majority of those veterans not only served their country in a difficult during the Vietnam War but when they came home they continued serving their country in a wide array of pursuits.

Burress is a native of Huntsville and was drafted 1969. He spent 13 months in Vietnam serving in a MP unit in the Saigon area. Unfortunately while there he had to deal with a racist 2nd Lieutenant company commander from Iowa.

He overcame that challenge and returned home and in 1979 established Kudzu Productions, Inc. It is a creative media communications company that provides video production and post production for corporate, government, defense contractors and ad agencies around the world. His company also maintains stock footage library of Huntsville & Madison county scenes plus military stock. His company also has created many good jobs for the Huntsville area.

Throughout his entire adult lifetime he has tried he best in all his pursuits to be guided by Biblical guidance. That practice has paid off for him in life and business and he is not shy about sharing his beliefs with others.

For too many reasons to count Charley Burress is a truly outstanding representative of  the Vietnam Veteran Generation. When one looks at his life and accomplishments it makes them realize America is better off because of people like Charley Burress.

Listen to episode 1615 and discover more about Vietnam Vet Charley Burress and how he was blessed by God.

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