1766 – A Conversation with Vietnam Vet John Shoemaker – Unplugged

John Shoemaker in Vietnam.

John Shoemaker in Vietnam.

Episode 1766 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will feature an unplugged conversation between the podcaster Mack Payne and Vietnam Veteran John Shoemaker. The conversation took place after the recording of the previous podcast episode about the battle at the cornfield.

In that episode John Shoemaker told about the challenging mission his platoon was assigned in the summer of 1970. That mission was to recon in force a mysterious cornfield that was discovered in the mountains a few miles from the base at Kham Duc.

At the time John was the 3rd platoon leader for B Company, 2nd Battalion, 1st Infantry, 196th Infantry Brigade, Americal Division. He has written numerous columns about his time in the War that appeared in the Metro West Daily News of Framingham, Massachusetts and other publications including the Wall Street Journal.

In the process of sharing more about his experiences in Vietnam on this podcast, John is contributing recorded presentations for the podcast. Recently he recorded a presentation about the mission to the cornfield of which the first part was published in the previous episode. First he describes the combat assault into the area and the battle that ensued.

He then proceeded to describe what happened after the initial assault. During the two portions of the recording John and the podcast host had a conversation about the battle. During the conversation John when into further detail about the battle, how his men performed, his thoughts about the War and his opinion of how the Army was functioning in the War.

It was such an engrossing conversation the decision was made by the podcaster to use it as a stand-alone episode. The term “unplugged” was used to describe it because it was unscripted. It is not a polished piece of audio but it is full of helpful insights about the trials and tribulations of a Vietnam Veteran in combat.

Listen to episode 1766 and discover more about the conversation between your podcaster and Vietnam Veteran John Shoemaker.

Hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Tom Pemberton says:

    I read your article fire in the sky. I saw the photographs you took you have a picture of me being carried to the medevac on LZ Judy I was struck by the rotor blade. You also have a picture of the quad 50 I fired when we were probed by sappers, one night at cam duck found your article fascinating, I haven’t seen a lot of other coverage on such a terrible attack that we had on Lz Judy. Thanks for your coverage.

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