Episode 2448 – The Alabama Vietnam Vet and his 114 year old Hardware Store

Anders Hardware

Anders Hardware, North Port, Alabama

Roger Anders

Vietnam Vet Roger Anders speaking with his son Rich at Anders Harderware.

Episode 2448 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will feature a story about Vietnam Roger Anders and his 114 year old hardware store in Northport, Alabama. The featured story appeared on WVUA-TV and was titled: Spirit of Alabama: Celebrating 114 years at Anders Hardware. It was submitted by Mike Royer.

For your information, Northport is located on the north shore of the Black Warrior River. Directly on the south side of the river from Northport lies Tuscaloosa, the home of the University of Alabama where they have been known to play college football.

Also FYI, WVUA 23 is a commercial television station operated by the University of Alabama in the College of Communication and Information Sciences. Their broadcasts can be seen from Mississippi to Georgia across the Birmingham television market on Cable, Direct TV, Dish Net, U-Verse, and Over-the-Air. The station covers West Alabama and is a competitive professional commercial television station in the nation’s top 40 market where students and professionals work together to achieve the highest standards in electronic communication and community service.

The purpose of this podcast episode is to highlight the WVUA story about a Vietnam Veteran who hails from Northport. Roger Anders served in Vietnam in 1969 and 1970. When he came home he was older, stronger, wiser and better able to deal with adversity than his non-Vietnam Veteran contemporaries.

He proved that by continuing the legacy of continuous family ownership of Anders Hardware in the same building on Main Street in Northport that is going on 114 years of serving the community.

Roger’s son Rich is now running the store. Rich said he was fortunate to train under his father, who taught him a whole lot more than the hardware business. He added “My dad is just amazingly committed. He has a work ethic like no other. He taught me that consistency and hard work. I’ll still call my Dad, ‘you know,’ this month is down a little…’ ‘Don’t worry about it, you know in the past this is what happened.’ He still provides a lot of encouragement.”

More than likely much of that wisdom Roger offers his son was gleaned from his time in Vietnam.

Listen to episode 2448 and discover more about Vietnam Roger Anders and his 114 year old hardware store in Northport, Alabama.

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