Episode 2554 – Here we go again – unlearned lessons from Vietnam – cluster bombs

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Unexploded cluster bombs in Laos.

Episode 2554 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will feature a story about the decision by our president to supply Ukraine with cluster bombs for its war with Russia. The featured story appeared on USA Today and is titled: Biden is wrong to send cluster bombs to Ukraine. 50 years later, they’re still killing in Laos. With cluster bombs, the killing doesn’t stop when the war ends. Wherever they land, children playing, gardening, herding cattle or digging an irrigation canal decades later all become dangerous.

The story was submitted by opinion contributor Titus Peachey. Titus Peachey, emeritus board chairman of Legacies of War, is a steering committee member of the U.S. Campaign to Ban Landmines & Cluster Munitions Coalitions.

One of the primary purposes of this podcast is to inform the world about the Vietnam War and its legacies both good and bad. The reason for this is to make sure our leaders do not repeat the mistakes made in that War. Apparently this has not been successful

One of the darkest hangovers of the Vietnam War is the results of the use of cluster bombs primarily in the secret war next door in Laos. Millions of cluster bombs were dropped in Laos and Vietnam. 30% of those bombs did not detonate when they hit the ground.

For the last 50 years, Laotians have been dying with cluster bombs explode. At least 25,000 have died. Millions of dollars have been spent to remove unexploded cluster bombs.

History has shown, if cluster bombs are used in Ukraine, the war will be expanded and extended for years. It is time for the leaders of this country to show wisdom and leadership by refusing to send cluster bombs to Ukraine.

Listen to episode 2554 and discover more about the decision by our president to supply Ukraine with cluster bombs for its war with Russia.

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