Episode 2555 – Vietnam Cobra gunship pilot to receive the CMH

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Larry Taylor

Episode 2555 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will feature a story more about the Vietnam Cobra pilot, Larry Taylor, who is tapped to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor. The featured story comes from the Aviation Geek Club and is titled: Vietnam War AH-1 pilot who lifted four US Army soldiers clinging to the Cobra’s skids and rocket pods out of harm’s way to receive the Medal of Honor. It was submitted by Dario Leone.

In his story, Leone tells the story of Vietnam Vet Larry Taylor. He heroically saved four Army soldiers from sure death by hauling them out of harms way on the skids and rocket pods of his Cobra gunship.

According to the story on Jun. 12, 1968, Taylor and his wingman were flying a fire mission for a four man LRRP team. The team was ambushed by enemy forces and quickly became on the verge of being wiped out.

Taylor flew over the battlefield, providing critical air support until their ammunition was depleted, along with co-pilot J.O. Ratliff and another Cobra helicopter.

Taylor came up with an audacious plan to rescue the four soldiers. He instructed the LRRP team to move to a relative safe location. He landed his Cobra in the midst of the firefight, with the soldiers on the ground clinging tightly to the helicopter’s skids and rocket pods. Despite the immense danger, Taylor skillfully lifted the men out of harm’s way and transported them to a safer location several miles away.

For his bravery in that action, Taylor was awarded a Silver Star for his Valor. In 1999 former Army Ranger Dave Hill and another Army Ranger discussed the event during a unit reunion. They believed the pilot deserved a higher degree of recognition for his bravery.

After a two decade effort, The president will award Larry Taylor the Congressional Medal of Honor at the White House.

Listen to episode 2555 and discover more about the Vietnam Cobra pilot, Larry Taylor, who is tapped to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor.

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