Episode 2576 – Vietnam Vet Jack Billups talks about his two new books

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Jack Billups

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Jack Billups

Episode 2576 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will feature an interview with Vietnam Veteran Jack Billups two new books. This episode is a follow-up to Episode 2517 of this podcast where two new books by Jack Billups were spotlighted.

One of the books was about his experiences with 1st of the 12 Cav in the 1st Cavalry Division in Vietnam. It was titled, My Vietnam – A Gift to My Daughter. The other title was Christian’s Walk – The Journey.

Both this books are remarkable. The first is a Vietnam War memoir written by a veteran whose daughter wanted to know about his experiences during that crazy Asian war. Naomi started it all when she said “Hey, Dad, instead of a gift, would you share your Vietnam experiences with me?” It took four months for Jack to write his memories for his daughter. He sent them to her and two weeks later she gushed, “Dad, this is the best gift you’ve ever given me, I liked it so much I read it twice!” That was the genesis of the book.

Jack’s second book Christian’s Walk blends the remarkable insights of John Bunyan’s immortal classic, Pilgrims Progress with illustrated storybook imagery. Christian’s Journey is your journey; hosting danger, excitement, fears, doubts, tragedy, victories, and blessings. Biblical truths are presented in such a way that anyone can relate to and understand. Insightful, Chris’s story penetrates the heart with reflection, conviction, guidance, comfort, and purpose.

Christian’s Walk is a Best Selling Christian fiction novel for women, men, and teens. Christian’s Walk brings pertinent scriptures to life as the King’s children travel through a confusing and turbulent world. The characters of Christian Walk become our mirrored images revealing the thoughts and intents of the heart.

Listen to episode 2576 and discover more about Vietnam Veteran Jack Billups two new books.

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